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Maddie Brown Brush Dotes On Axel’s Impressive Skill

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Over the years, Sister Wives viewers have had the chance to see Maddie Brown grow up before their very eyes. But now, Maddie is married to Caleb Brush and they have two children of their own, Axel and Evie.

Maddie has become a very devoted mother over the years. She’s always happy to show her followers what her kids are up to. And it appears that Axel has taken up a new hobby. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Maddie Brown Brush loves to teach her kids through activities and games

Axel James Brush is Maddie Brown’s oldest child. She gave birth to him on May 20, 2017, which means he turned five years old just a few weeks ago. And just like any other child his age, Axel loves to learn and play with his family.

Maddie frequently shares updates about her kids on her Instagram page. Fans can frequently see the children helping Maddie and Caleb around the house, in the kitchen, or in the yard. They’re raising Axel and Evie to be very hands-on and great helpers.

Maddie Brush/Instagram

But of course, the family always makes time for play during the day too. Since it’s summertime, there’s a lot more free time. And Axel has been hard at work developing a new skill.

Axel might only be five years old, but he’s showing an interest in helicopters and toys where he can man the controls himself.

“Every day lately,” Maddie captioned a video of her son flying his toy helicopter. “He’s getting really good at controlling it.”

Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram

Will Axel Brush be a pilot somewhere down the line? It seems like he’s already working on his training!

Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Let everyone know what you think.

The Brushes enjoy some much-needed quality time with family

Caleb and Maddie Brush do share photos of their family online. But compared to Maddie’s parents, they’re really private people. They maintain a public persona but also keep a lot of their family moments private.

The couple did share that they went to Disney World with their extended family. It was a great chance for Axel and Evie to spend time with their grandmother Janelle and their many aunts and uncles. The Brush family lives in North Carolina now, which is pretty far from the rest of their family members.

Hopefully, Maddie will continue to post more adorable photos of the kids. Fans are eager to see what Axel and Evie learn next.

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