Salma Hayek Breaks Instagram With Perfectly Toned Bikini Bod

Salma Hayek

There is something about high-rise surfaces that makes them undeniably irresistible. You see a table or bed, and your mind forces you to jump on top and be a bit crazy. The desire to be on the top of the world doesn’t even spare the stars, and fans can see Salma Hayek Pinault giving in to the temptation while flaunting a sexy bikini body.

Salma Hayek Models A Sexy Purple Bikini At Sea

The 55-year-old shared an Instagram post where she paraded her toned butt, strong core, & gorgeously long legs as she danced on the table. The House of Gucci star was off enjoying the beauty of the sea and, in a fun and sultry way, modeled her toned muscles in a gorgeous purple bikini. Every part of her body, from the legs to the core, was toned as if a full-body workout was her daily routine.

Her vacation post was captioned with two hashtags: #dancingontables #sailing. This is what everyone craves when having fun. It is important to let loose the inner child lost somewhere in the rush of responsibilities.

All this denotes that Salma is a big-time workout enthusiast. But, her approach to having a fit body is a tad unconventional. As per the Mexican-American actress, she doesn’t have a lot of time to exercise, given that some days involve spending 20+ hours shooting on set.

Salma Hayek via Instagram
Salma Hayek via Instagram

Salma’s Key To Fitness On Busy Days

However, just like any other fitness enthusiast would do, we always find a loophole, and so did Salma. This trick allows her to stay hot and toned while devoting the majority of her day to working. If you were wondering whether this trick is only meant for celebs, spoiler alert: it is not!

As per Women’s Health Magazine, Salma’s secret is to maintain the right posture throughout the day. She works on health with a woman who lives in London. She taught the star the best ways to hold her body which activates all the muscles throughout the day. Even when you brush your teeth, some muscle in the body is indulged in a mini-workout session.

The Art Of Restorative Yoga

This practice is called Restorative Yoga. It is an amazing and effective way to relax and distress the muscles. The art allows an individual to focus on the body parts with tension & helps breathe into them for complete relaxation. It also helps train the nervous system to be ready for any kind of stressful situation.

Although restorative yoga is her go-to choice on busy days, the actress does enjoy cardio and HIITs when she does have time. Her 30-minute workout routine also involves some strength training to help maintain her muscles. Another way Salma manages to stay so young and healthy is the fact that she spends quality time with her pooches. She also takes them out for long walks while enjoying nature.

Do you feel Salma Hayek has cracked the code to a super-fit body?

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