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Does Kody Brown Have An Underlying Fear Of Commitment?

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown definitely isn’t the most popular cast member with the fan base.

Since Kody had four wives for the majority of the show, most fans wouldn’t immediately think that commitment issues are part of his problems. However, some fans online think he actually may have a pretty deep-seated fear of permanent attachment.

Curious to learn more? Keep reading to see Reddit’s hot take on the issue.

Sister Wives fans tackle Kody Brown’s problems with moving across the country

Kody Brown’s commitment issues might not necessarily be with women. But Reddit couldn’t help but notice that the family patriarch has a really tough time committing to one single location.

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“Kody and his terror of laying roots,” one Reddit user posted. They describe the point in Season 13 when Kody decides that the family needs to uproot their lives in Las Vegas and move to Flagstaff.

“When he made the pitch to move a few episodes earlier, he was emphasizing that because of the market they had to do it immediately. And now he’s going on a long rant about how the money isn’t the issue because it’s going to be far more expensive to live in Flagstaff…  The only thing I can think of is a genuine psychological issue that Kody has with staying in one place for too long.”

“My theory is it creates a false sense of importance and urgency around Kody since he has to go around to all the houses that are far apart every time they move and they feel his absence,” one Reddit user replied.

Kody Brown/TLC

“I think it all feeds into his religious beliefs,” another user chimed in. “God spoke to him, and the spirit told him to move to Flagstaff or something like that. Acting on faith and following the spirit is praised above acting upon logic in Mormonism. It makes them all feel special, thinking God is directing them because they are spiritual and obedient. I think it gives them a spiritual high, gambling with their lives on the bet that God has something greater in store for them.”

So what do you think? Does Kody really have commitment issues when it comes to his living space? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

So when exactly did the family fall apart?

It’s hard to deny that Kody Brown’s attitude and desire to move contributed to the family breakdown. But was it really all his fault? According to Reddit, things like the pandemic and mistrust between the wives definitely played a part. But many agree that the bulk of the family’s problems can be traced back to Kody.

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