'Below Deck' Jamie Sayed Calls Aesha Scott A Bully, Why? [Bravo TV | YouTube]

‘Below Deck’ Jamie Sayed Calls Aesha Scott A Bully, Why?

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Below Deck Down Under star Jamie Sayed started a feud with Aesha Scott. The two barely cross paths in the new spinoff series. However, things took a turn when Aesha and Brittini Burton called the boatswain a “b*tch” after a drunken night out.

Jamie didn’t take that joke too well. He admitted in his confessional interview that he was never called that word ever in his life. Even when he worked as a police officer. The joke didn’t sit well with him. A week ago, Jamie held an Instagram live with his fans and followers.

Jamie sparked a new feud with the Below Deck Down Under fan favorite. It turns out that Chef Ryan McKeown isn’t the only one who doesn’t like Aesha. Jamie explained why he still has beef with the chief stew. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, he accused Aesha and Brittini of “bullying” him on the show.

Below Deck Down Under: Jamie Sayed Slams Aesha Scott [Peacock | YouTube]
[Peacock | YouTube]

Jamie Sayed starts a Below Deck feud

The Below Deck star accused Aesha of “mocking and belittling” him. The spinoff series has generated its share of drama among the crew members. Some of them continue to have beef on social media. Chef Ryan McKeown has shared his disdain for Aesha.

He’s also gotten backlash from Below Deck Down Under fans for the way he’s behaved on the show. But, his off-camera behavior isn’t any better. Ryan slammed Aesha in a recent interview. He also posts memes and jokes about the debut series as he continues to display little regard for his actions.

Now, Jamie is speaking out about his feelings for Aesha. During a crew night out, both Aesha and Brittini called him a “b*tch” as a joke. Both of them were inebriated when that moment happened. Jamie didn’t take it well and is still bothered by that comment to this day.

Jamie Sayed's Feud With Aesha Scott [Below Deck Above Average | Instagram]
[Below Deck Above Average | Instagram]
During his 7-minute Instagram Live, Jamie addressed the drama. He accused them of bullying him on Below Deck Down Under. Jamie admitted that he can no longer trust the crew members. He wished they would’ve apologized and had taken it to heart.

“Two of the people decided to bully me and to sort of not take it as seriously as I thought,” Jamie said on Instagram. “I thought, you know, by being able to trust someone and talk to them about this stuff, I sort of saw them as a friend as well. These people have now since taught me that I can’t trust them not as much as I was hoping.”

Jamie Sayed Slams Aesha Scott [Jamie Sayed | Instagram]
[Jamie Sayed | Instagram]

In a feud with another crew member

Benny Crawler also shared his thoughts on his work relationship with Jamie. He accused his boss of putting him in “danger.” Benny revealed that he’s supporting both Aesha and Brittini in their feud. The Below Deck newbie took to Instagram to share his thoughts on Jamie’s accusations.

Benny Crawler Slams Jamie Sayed [Benny Cralwer | Instagram]
[Benny Crawler | Instagram]
“I just watched the video from our bosun Jamie, and he consciously reiterated that he thought our girls are b*tches,” Benny said in his Instagram video. “And he stands by his word on that.”

“I don’t agree. I love Brittini, and I love Aesha. They’re two fantastic human beings. They haven’t got a bad bone in their body. And they made my experience beautiful and full of life.”

Benny also revealed that he’s no longer friends with Ryan. Jessica More from Below Deck Mediterranean recently accused Aesha of being a “bully” to on Season 5 of the series. The two didn’t get along when Aesha arrived midseason to help with the interior team after Hannah Ferrier’s firing. Jessica even accused Aesha of flirting with Rob Westergaard, with whom she had a boatmance with.

Jessica More's Comment [Below Deck Above Average | Instagram]
[Below Deck Above Average | Instagram]
What are your thoughts on these accusations about Aesha Scott? Do you think she’s a bully? Do you side with Jamie or Aesha? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Below Deck Down Under stream on Thursdays on Peacock.

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  1. I love Aesha.. She is so sweet and such a genuine person.. I watched her as a stew on the other Below Deck and she has always been delightful..

  2. I LOVE, BDDU.. I agree Ryan n Mags. Aesha couple thinks. you’re so sweet. A couple things. You have your fingers in your mouth all the time, or in your hair
    .Just a bad image then you pick up food. Sometimes your laugh is force but you have a cute snort. When you talk, you draw words out forever. Some of your laughs you body look so stiff you look like you’re to fart. Just remember fingers out of mouth, off your face n hair. when your around food. I love the show enough to binge watch it.

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