’90 Day Fiance’ Did Asuelu Pulaa Confirm Marrige Over To Kalani?


90 Day Fiance alum Asuelu Pulaa and Kalani Faagata have long been on the rocks. He often walked out when he could not handle the heat in the kitchen. In fact, it is any wonder that they have stayed together as long as they have. Now there may be some clues pointing towards the marriage, in fact, being over.

Making Their Way To 90 Day Fiance 

It was just supposed to be a fun vacation in Samoa. Never in Kalani’s wildest dreams did she imagine that she would meet the man she would marry. As for Asuelu, he was the activities director and would try to find Kalani her entire trip as they both had a mutual attraction. Needless to say, her feelings were so strong for him that she went back to see him again. This time, she lost her virginity to Asuelu which resulted in a pregnancy. He eventually proposed and prepared to move to America so the two could get married and raise their son Oliver together. Kalani’s family was not too keen on this whole situation as they did not trust Asuelu. However, Kalani was determined to make it work at all costs.


It was all documented in Season 6 of the hit series and they continued to appear in spinoffs, including Happily Ever After? and 90 Day Diaries. Unfortunately, issues continued to follow them even after welcoming their second baby, Kennedy. His family always wanted money from him and felt they could pressure the couple into getting what they wanted. During quarantine, Kalani wanted Asuelu wanted him to take it seriously but he just did not seem to care. She started doing her own thing, joining Pillow Talk with her sister and becoming a SavageX Ambassador. So, does this mean she has finally spread her wings away from her husband?

Marriage Over?

Asuelu had this whole post about how his wife is different from how she used to be. She does not want to appear in any live videos with him yet everything the family needs, they have. He has so much he wants and needs to say but cannot due to contracts. Therefore, he is left feeling trapped. Furthermore, Kalani won’t communicate with him anymore and they are in the process of selling their home. He is hopeful this happens very soon as he just wants to go back to work. This appeared on Reddit and obviously, Redditors had many thoughts about what was transpiring. Some said that this was actually a joke and he posted it while on camera with his wife:


  • “For context he posted this on IG live/Tik Tok he was doing with his wife”
  • “I just saw she went on IG, & me & my fam when a couple weeks after them, it would’ve been such a surprise to see them!😫 Someone else commented that apparently it was a joke & he posted this on a live with her!”
  • “Manufacturing drama for the new season I see… it makes no sense- he wants space but he’s mad she won’t do lives or TikTok’s with him?!”

Guess everyone will have to wait and see where they pop up next in the 90 Day Fiance universe to truly understand all of this. Do you think they have split or is it just a joke? Let us know.


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