Nick Viall & Natalie Joy, Will They Be The Next Engaged Couple?

Natalie Joy and Nick Viall via Insta

Former Bachelor Nick Viall didn’t meet Natalie Joy on the show but they are one of Bachelor Nation’s hottest couples. Fans love them together. In fact, fans keep wondering if Nick and Natalie will the next two to get engaged. Keep reading to find out what Nick had to say about it.

Will Nick and Natalie be the next engaged couple?

Nick Viall and Natalie Joy have been together for quite some time now. In fact, they live together in Los Angeles and even got a dog. Fans wonder if Natalie is the one for Nick and if he plans to propose soon.

Nick has already said that at the beginning of their relationship the age gap gave him anxiety. He is 18 years older than her. However, once she reassured him that age is just a number, he is fine now. So fine that yes it seems one day he will propose.

Bachelor Nation shared what Nick and Natalie had to say about their relationship. He opened up and shared that for the first time ever he would not be okay if she decided to leave him.

So, will an engagement be happening soon? Natalie says that they are talking about marriage and children more and more. She said, “We’re talking about it more. We’re having those conversations that everyone is scared to have, but they’re definitely needed. We talk about finances, children, where we want to live, and things like that. We are definitely opening up and talking about those things more.”

She continued saying, “We’re not not trying, we’re not trying either. We’re just living life.”

Nick Viall | Instagram

He shared thoughts as well

Nick shared that Natalie has opened up more about being engaged and let him know she’s ready. She has been posting engagement things on her “for you” page and it really helps Nick in knowing what she wants. According to Nick, this will help him be successful when that day does come.

However, he did say that they each want the romance and surprise when it does happen so he won’t be sharing what he’s planning.

Nick also said that while he knows she’s ready, he doesn’t feel any pressure and that is great.

Nick Viall and natalie joy, instagram
Photo Credit: Natalie Joy| Instagram

Nick and the franchise

Everyone knows Nick tried multiple times to find love on The Bachelor. He was on The Bachelorette twice then Bachelor in Paradise and finally, he was The Bachelor. None of those experiences ultimately ended well. He did get engaged but that was somewhat short-lived.

Now, it seems Nick has found the one.

What do you think about Nick and Natalie? Will they be the next engaged couple in Bachelor Nation?




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