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Lauren Bushnell, Chris Lane Already Talking Baby #3, Here’s Why

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Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell Lane and her country singer husband Chris Lane just announced they are expecting baby number two in October 2022. She still has a ways to go in her current pregnancy, but they are already talking about baby number three. Keep reading to find out why.

Chris Lane talks baby number three with Lauren Bushnell Lane

US Weekly shared what Chris Lane had to say about why he and Lauren Bushnell may be trying for baby number three. Right now Lauren and Chris do not know the gender of their second baby. However, they shared they will find out that information soon.

Both of them are hoping to find out they are expecting a baby girl. Chris said he knows Lauren really wants a daughter. So, he said they are hoping their second will be a girl  “so we can hopefully potentially stop at two.” He joked around saying, “We don’t want to get outnumbered here.”

Chris went on to explain more saying, “I think if we have a girl … we obviously want what the good Lord wants for us, but at the end of the day, I think it’ll be easier to stop at two if it is a girl.” He continued, “If it ends up being a boy, I’m assuming that we will be trying for a third.”

Chris and Lauren Lane via Insta

Lauren’s pregnancy so far

Lauren has been very open about how her second pregnancy is going. She shared with fans on Instagram that she is actually facing a complication this time around. Lauren shared she has marginal cord insertion. This basically means that the umbilical cord is attached to the edge of the placenta instead of in the center.

Chris reiterated what Lauren had already shared saying that she has been a lot sicker this time around. He said she ended up in the hospital one day but other than that she is “holding it together.”

Chris said he and Lauren can’t wait to see their son Dutton’s reaction to the new baby. Dutton just turned one this week and is the light of their lives.

Lauren Bushnell Lane and Dutton via Instagram

Chris went on to say that they have heard it gets easier when both kids reach two years of age because then they can play with one another.

In the meantime, Lauren is remaining optimistic about her new diagnosis and staying positive. She said the baby is thriving right now. The diagnosis simply means she will be checked more often to make sure the baby is getting what it needs to grow.

Stay tuned for more updates on Lauren as her pregnancy progresses.

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