‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Blasts Show & Mayim Bialik For Bullying Him

Jeopardy! Contestant Blasts Show & Mayim Bialik For Bullying Him [Jeopardy | YouTube]

A Jeopardy! contestant blasted the show and host Mayim Bialik for bullying him. He couldn’t believe they “trolled” his massive blunder with a shady joke just days later. Bialik is currently hosting Jeopardy! for the fifth week in a row. Ken Jennings announced his hiatus and informed fans that he would be out for “months.”

The permanent hosting position is still open and will be announced by the end of Season 38 in July 2022. That’s also around the time when Jennings will return to the show. There have been mixed reviews of both Jennings and Bialik. While more fans favor Jennings, some enjoyed watching Bialik on the quiz show.

Contestant Bullied After Final Jeopardy? [Jeopardy | YouTube]
[Jeopardy | YouTube]

Contestant’s Final Jeopardy blunder goes viral

On the Tuesday, June 7 episode, Michael Toughill struggled with Final Jeopardy. The category was “Writing Old & New” as Mayim Bialik read the following clue: “This 2013 bestseller shares its title with the first section of a poem from 7 centuries before.”

All Jeopardy! contestants were stumped over that clue. But it was Michael’s response that immediately went viral on social media. He wrote, “What is Twilight: New Moon?” Michael didn’t feel good about his answer. Yet, the audience got a good laugh out of his answer, as did Bialik when she told him he was incorrect.

Jeopardy! viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts. Most of them loved Michael’s answer, even if it was wrong. However, New Moon was published in 2006. While most have forgotten about the blunder, Bialik mentioned it two days later.

She was happy when his response got its own sequel. During Thursday’s game, a clue read, “This book comes between Twilight & Eclipse.” One of the contestants tried to hold back their laughter. They immediately noticed the shade behind the clue.

“Sean tried valiantly not to laugh after his ‘New Moon’ response, but couldn’t quite hold it in,” one viewer wrote.

Michael accuses Mayim Bialik of “bullying” him

Jeopardy! fans and Michael took to Twitter to share their reaction to that episode. They couldn’t help but notice the call-out just two games later. Michael accused the game show and Bialik of “bullying” him for his incorrect response.

“Have you ever been bullied by your favorite TV show?” Michael wrote in his tweet while calling out the former Blossom star. “Have you ever felt #Jeopardy or @missmayim are personally trolling you even though your battle wounds are just days old? If so, you may be eligible for a cash settlement!”

Fans were shocked by Bialik and the show’s reaction. Most of them supported the former contestant who lost to meteorologist Eric Ahasic. Unfortunately, he hasn’t lived down the embarrassing moment. It’s not the first time that contestants have suffered blunders and that the show has trolled someone for it.

What are your thoughts on Michael’s mistake? Do you agree that he was bullied? Or, do you disagree with him? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. The clue where “New Moon” was correct would have been written well ahead of time. No way it was anything other than an amusing coincidence.

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