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Gwendlyn Brown Nearly Exposes Her Knockers In Snapshot With GF

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After coming out as bisexual and announcing she has a girlfriend, Gwendlyn Brown enjoyed Pride with her girlfriend this year. The two posed for pictures and seemed genuinely happy with one another.

However, fans couldn’t help but notice that Gwendlyn was about to have a wardrobe malfunction in one photo. Keep reading to learn more.

Gwendlyn Brown and her new girlfriend attended Pride together this year

Gwendlyn Brown is one of Christine Brown’s middle children with her ex-husband, Kody. During the course of Sister Wives, the adults anticipated that a few of the children might be part of the LGBTQ+ community since there were so many of them. Meri’s daughter Mariah Brown announced that she was gay on the show. Now, Gwendlyn is proudly part of the community too.

In late May, the 20-year-old posted on Instagram that she had a new girlfriend. Her name is Beatriz and she seems quite happy to be with Gwendlyn.

Gwendlyn Brown/Instagram

Many members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies celebrated Pride this weekend. Beatriz and Gwendlyn happily joined in the festivities. The pair took an adorable picture together, but one thing was a little amiss. The Sister Wives star nearly had a wardrobe malfunction.

In the photo, Gwendlyn is resting her head on Beatriz’s head. The TLC personality is wearing a low-cut top and leaning forward.

Gwendlyn Brown/Instagram

The couple seemed to enjoy their time at Pride together, but the event might have gone a different way if Gwendlyn accidentally exposed herself.

The Brown sisters band together to support one another

Gwendlyn Brown has always been a fan favorite among Sister Wives viewers. As a child, she was funny and sassy. But as an adult, she’s incredibly supportive, kind, and progressive.

Her sister Mariah is also part of the LGBTQ+ community and her partner Audrey identifies as transgender. When Audrey announced their transition, Gwendlyn was incredibly supportive and showered the couple with love.

Since the Brown family belongs to a pretty religious community, it’s not always easy to find acceptance. Gwendlyn even recently opened up about her religious trauma from church. She’s not saying a lot yet, but she did update her Instagram profile to say, “sisterwives kid w religious trauma (in a cute way).”

Perhaps in time, Gwendlyn will share more about her own experience with the church and how it shaped the adult she grew up to be. For now, fans will have to wait patiently and see what the TLC star will say next.

If you want to learn more about Gwendlyn Brown and the rest of the Sister Wives family, keep following TV Shows Ace online. There’s always fun and exciting news to share about the Browns!

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