What Becomes Of Chloe Amid Todd & Julie Chrisley’s Fraud Convictions?

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Chrisley Knows Best fans have one massive question as Todd and Julie face the threat of as much as three decades behind bars. What will happen to Chloe Chrisley? Obviously, the reality TV couple won’t be able to continue to care for their granddaughter if they end up behind bars for three decades.

Who even has custody of Chloe Chrisley?

Sadly, a pretty deep search of this question doesn’t pull up a clear answer. Many outlets speculate and assume Todd and Julie Chrisley have full custody of Chloe. Where the details get a little foggy involves whether Kyle Chrisley has parental rights to his daughter. Did Todd and Julie Chrisley ever officially adopt their granddaughter? Does Kyle still have rights to his daughter? While fans don’t have all the details what they do know is that on paper Todd and Julie are the guardians of Chloe. Moreover, they are the only real parents Chloe has ever known. So, fans worry about what will happen to her if the Chrisley Knows Best couple ends up behind bars.

Todd and Chloe Chrisley/Instagram
Todd and Chloe Chrisley/Instagram

Chrisley Knows Best: Who would take custody?

Fortunately, Chloe Chrisley has a lot of options if Todd and Julie end up behind bars. If Kyle Chrisley still has parental rights to his daughter, legally, she would likely be placed with him. That being said, Kyle Chrisley got married a little while back. The couple has talked about wanting to have children of their own. And, his wife has her own children that she has confirmed Kyle is amazing with. So, Chloe Chrisley may not fit so well into a family she really doesn’t know that well. Fans, however, have no clue if Chloe spends any time with Kyle or his new family.

Savannah Chrisley is a possibility for taking Chloe. Fans know Savannah has talked about her excitement about having a child one day. Fans also know Savannah is close to Chloe and absolutely adores her. So, Savannah could step in and take her sister/niece.


Chase Chrisley is another person who could step in to take Chloe. Though, most fans assume Savannah would be the more mature option.

Technically, Lindsie Chrisley is also an option for Chloe. Lindsie has a child that is close to Chloe’s age. By comparison, Lindsie has more experience with caring for a child than Savannah or Chase. Up until recently, however, fans assumed Lindsie was completely estranged from the family. So, they don’t believe she would have much of a relationship with Chloe.

Chloe Chrisley Instagram
Chloe Chrisley Instagram

Chloe Chrisley’s birth mother hasn’t been in the picture for a long time. So, it is unlikely that she would take over custody.

Do you worry about what will happen to Chloe if Todd and Julie end up behind bars? Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley Knows Best news.


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  1. No am not worried one ounce, just curious, about Chloe with all the choices of older siblings she could go with. It is sad however both her own patents are unfit as one an addict but more concerning the bio mother doesn’t bother with her much. Am sure she will be just fine, as there are many many children in this country and the world, much worse off than she is.

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