Theresa Caputo Berated For Putting Granddaughter In Danger

Theresa Caputo Berated For Putting Granddaughter In Danger [Build Series | YouTube]

Theresa Caputo got berated for putting her granddaughter in danger. Once again, fans slammed her for having “dangerous” nails. TV Shows Ace previously reported that Theresa first received backlash for this trendy beauty decision before. Fans argued that she shouldn’t hold her granddaughter with her long talons.

Theresa has been happily sharing photos of herself with her granddaughter, Michelina Rose. In February 2022, the reality star’s daughter Victoria welcomed her bundle of joy with her husband Michael Mastrandrea. The Long Island Medium star has been called out for her long nails once again. Read on to see the photo and to learn more.

Theresa Caputo's Long Nails [YouTube]

Theresa Caputo snaps a photo with Baby Michelina

The drama started when Victoria took to Instagram to share a carousel of photos with her mom in honor of her 56th birthday. “Happy birthday Grandma! We love you,” she captioned the pictures, which you can see below. One of the photos shows Theresa Caputo holding her baby girl as she flaunts her long silver nails. In another photo, the psychic laid her grandchild on her chest as she holds her hands.

Once again, her long nails were on display. Theresa Caputo took to the comment section to react to Victoria’s tribute. “I love you beyond,” she wrote. However, some fans were more focused on Theresa’s nails than her birthday. They feel that they pose danger to Michelina.

  • “Watch the nails!”
  • “Be careful those talons don’t get her eye!”
  • “No reason to have those long nails around her.”

Earlier this year, Theresa Caputo was called out for her long nails. She shared a photo of herself holding Michelina in a baby blue onesie. Fans couldn’t help but worry about how the proud grandmother is able to hold her child. They informed her not to “stab” the baby “with those claws.”

Theresa Caputo Holds Baby Michelina [Theresa Caputo | Instagram]
[Theresa Caputo | Instagram]

Long Island Medium star had a secret health problem

Theresa Caputo is not concerned about her nails. She hasn’t responded to the backlash and neither has her daughter. The television personality has enough on her mind as she heads back on the road once again for her nationwide tour. Theresa went makeup-free in a recent Instagram video in late May.

She informed fans that she was feeling better after her secret medical issue. Theresa had to cancel a series of dates, which are rescheduled for a later this season. She’s been keeping her fans informed on her Instagram page. In the meantime, she’s been looking back to her old self lately.

Theresa Caputo Holds Baby Michelina [Victoria Caputo | Instagram]
[Victoria Caputo | Instagram]
Theresa Caputo has been switching it up with different looks lately. Fans never know what they’re going to get when they see her. What are your thoughts on Theresa Caputo’s photo with her granddaughter? Do you agree that her nails are too dangerous? Sound off below in the comment section.

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