SYTYCD Season 17: Production Under Fire, Ruining The Show? [SYTYCD | YouTube]

‘SYTYCD’ Season 17: Production Under Fire, Ruining The Show?

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SYTYCD fans slammed Season 17. They already expressed their opinion about the new season, including some of the celebrity judges. Fans are not happy with the new format of the reality series. They called out production for ruining the show. Fans argued that the network wants to rush through the choreography round.

So You Think You Can Dance is different from other reality competition shows. As the name states, it’s not about singing or displaying extreme talents. It’s about dancing your heart out and doing it well. The original dancing show led to the creation of similar versions. Read on to find out why fans are not happy with the new season.

SYTYCD Dancers [SYTYCD | YouTube]
[SYTYCD | YouTube]

SYTYCD Season 17 starts off with controversy

SYTYCD judge Matthew Morrison was fired from his position. In late May, the Fox series made headlines when it was reported that the Glee alum was accused of sending one of the contestants “flirty” texts. For that reason, he was fired. The dancing reality series premiered in 2005 and is in its 17th season.

SYTYCD hasn’t been without its share of controversial comments. Former judge Nigel Lythgoe made homophobic comments. Per People, Matthew Morrison violated the code of conduct due to his “inappropriate relationship with a female contestant.” The person was bothered by the 43-year-old married man’s messages. It was reported that the actor “reached out to her through flirty direct messages on social media.”

SYTYCD Season 17 Judges
[SYTYCD | YouTube]
While the two didn’t have an inappropriate relationship outside the show, there was a cause for concern. After the investigation, SYTYCD producers fired Morrison and found that “it was just messages that crossed the line.”

Morrison took to social media to defend himself. The former theater actor claims that he didn’t send the contestant flirty messages. Rather, he was reading out to her to help her outside of the show. Morrison married Renee Puente in 2014 and they share two children, Revel James Makai, 4, and Phoenix Monroe, 11 months.

Fans blame production for the new format

Viewers are unhappy with new format of SYTYCD Season 17. They feel that most of the dancers haven’t gotten any screen time. Fans blame production for focusing more on the celebrity judges rather than the contestants. They took to social media to share their strong opinions about the new format.

  • “Watching this is so frustrating! Please change the format if you can’t go back to the old one. And #jojo you may know so much about dancing but maybe not so much about communicating.”
  • “The editing format on this new season is definitely not good. We don’t see enough of everyone trying to get to top 12.”
  • “#SYTYCD you are ruining this show with format and editing. So sad.
  • “I’m glad I get to see the judges’ excitement about the dances instead of seeing the dances myself. Yes, this is sarcasm.”

What are your thoughts on the new format? What do you think of SYTYCD Season 17 so far? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. It’s awful! These judges do nothing. I love twitch but let’s commentate on the actual dancing and technique. Why are we not seeing more of the dancers interview and behind the scene of their week. They rushed through auditions and choreography. Go back to the old way.

    1. I’m sorry, I am not way an authority on dancing but this panel, and while I have nothing against anytingn against any of them, they just doesn’t seem to have enough experience to be judges.

    2. I’m missing the group dances at the start of every show and their selection of dancers this season are less talented than prior seasons. Truly disappointed.

    3. Agree… not enthused about any of the changes to the format; and there are many. First and foremost… what?? We don’t get a group dance at the beginning of each show… I don’t get it. That is one of the most fun and magical part! Also agree with what others said about not getting enough time up front In the choreo building a report with the contests. Lastly, what’s up with the way the chose the final three.. why did we have them
      Draw cards like that? Why didn’t we just let the top votes for all speak for themselves? I’m missing the point clearly. Oh one more thing lol… I would like to see more guest judges. Spice it up like we used to. It breaks up the monotony.

    4. Things calmed down a bit once Beau was voted off the show. His inability to receive choreography equal to his partners was, in my opinion, due to the fact that he was out of shape and could not compete on the same level. JoJo seemed to be the one backing him up and voting others out so he could remain. Is that the truth? Don’t know, but that’s what it seemed like.

  2. I’m normally good with change but…the judges are not doing it for me. There’s also times where they’re praising ok performances and not giving enough to good performances. This season just feels really disconnected to me.

  3. Jojo Siwa is very loud and obnoxious and tries way too hard! Leah Remini seems to know very little about dancing at all. Some of the dancers aren’t that great this season either. I’m all for being inclusive and diverse but you can’t be a top dancer and be overweight because you simply will NOT have the stamina of an otherwise fit dancer. The one guy seriously has a double chin. It’s just ridiculous! Also the choreographers need to leave Hollywood’s agenda out of the dancing I LOVE Twitch, but otherwise a very disappointing season overall!

      1. Totally agree with Yvette & Linc. Without former dancers as Judges, the show has lost its spark. I loved the rehearsal segments of old, now glossed over. The season feels rushed. The chosen final dancers are NOT the caliber we expect from years past.The poor choreographers have nothing to work with. Where is Debbie Allen? Mandy Moore, Ty? Geez, this favorite will be off to Disney+ just like DWTS!

      2. I hate this season of SYTYCD!! Bring back the old judges, including Nigel. These judges don’t seem to know enough about dancing to provide construction criticism (except maybe Twitch), but they seem to not want to hurt the contestants feelings but how are the dancers supposed to get better? Also, the dancers, themselves, do not seem to be top tier compared to past contestants. Past contestants and performances took my breath away or made me cry; that hasn’t happened this season. When they were paired with past contestants, my eyes were drawn to the past contestants, not the current ones. And I agree, I miss the opening numbers with all the contestants that used to open every show. The season seemed too rushed, not focusing enough on the dancers. I always record the show, because I used to like to rewatch a performance; this year, I haven’t rewatched anything and, in fact, I’ve skipped through certain parts. So sad, because I always looked forward to summertime to watch SYTYCD….

    1. I would rather have seen Twitch’s wife who is a professional ballroom dancer as a judge, than that little obnoxious twit Jo Jo. I also think with the exception of 2 male dancers, there’s just too many feminine dudes for me. It doesn’t feel like the same good show that it used to be

    2. I agree. The show is ashadow of what it used to be. Right down to the costumes. It looks like their budget got chopped down to nothing. Very disappointed.

  4. I can’t believe how far downhill this show has gone in Season 17. I couldn’t wait for each new episode in previous years, now I tape the show and fast forward to catch dances that are worth seeing so I don’t have to listen to all the hype. Previous judges seemed much more attentive to the art of dancing.
    Every SYTYCD fan I know is disappointed with what seems to be a desperate but unsuccessful attempt to reinvent what was already working.

    1. I hate this new format and I am not happy with the judges. The choreography being one day was the worst!! I love getting to know the dancers, so by the time they choose the top 10 (or 12 or 20) I already feel I know them and am so looking forward to the shows. Not any more. No disrespect to the dancers, but I have minimal interest this year. PLEASE bring back the old format, a top 20, and some of the former judges. If they want me to watch. Thanks

  5. Uninspired. All of it is flat and so much of the heart of the show is gone. We have to care about the dancers…haven’t gotten to know them hardly at all. Some things shouldn’t be fixed if they are not broken! Very little if the old show didn’t work!

  6. My daughter and I have watched this show for the last 10 years. We look forward to it every year. This is, by far, the most disappointing season we’ve ever watched. The new format is miserable. We miss learning more about the contestants. We miss seeing them perform multiple dances per show. While Jojo is probably a nice person, she is annoying to listen to and far too young to be a judge. I adore Twitch and remember him as a contestant and have no problem with him as a judge but I wonder why Nigel was let go and we miss him. Leah Remini. Why? She’s fun but what does she have to offer. The contestants are fine. Some are amazing dancers but some are just better than average that seem to have been chosen to fit a certain profile. It’s ridiculous and such a let down.

  7. I have watched wvery season and looked forward to it but this year is terrible. I don’t care what Jojo says, whether she has a degree in dancing, she is a horrible judge. The other 2 judges I can handle but where does Jojo think she is better then every judge that was there. Well girl, you are the worst and you will never compare to Nigel, Mary or even Twitch. If she is on next year I will not be watching again until she is gone. In the auditions there were some dancers that were much better then who they picked. If people like Beau, he is only an ok dancer and really should not have been picked over others they let go. I love this show but it has gone down hill lots. Bring back the judges and the old format, much better then this season.

    1. I am all for being inclusive and giving people of all body types a fair chance to display their talents. But I really feel like this season was more about marketing attempts to tap into a bigger audience than it was about showcasing the best talent. The judges seemed argumentative..with each promoting personal favorites. My advice to the producers..stick with what works.This season didn’t.

  8. I have watched every season and looked forward to it but this year is terrible. I don’t care what Jojo says, whether she has a degree in dancing, she is a horrible judge. The other 2 judges I can handle but where does Jojo think she is better then every judge that was there. Well girl, you are the worst and you will never compare to Nigel, Mary or even Twitch. If she is on next year I will not be watching again until she is gone. In the auditions there were some dancers that were much better then who they picked. If people like Beau, he is only an ok dancer and really should not have been picked over others they let go. I love this show but it has gone down hill lots. Bring back the judges and the old format, much better then this season.

  9. THIS YEAR is a TOTAL disappointment. What is the point this season? Body type inclusion? That is not the premise of the show. The male dancers seem sweet and hardworking but their performances are cringe-worthy. Not watching after tonight. Where is the skill level exhibited by Twitch and others in the past?

  10. I have watched SYTYCD since the very first season and I adore the show — at least, I did. When I watched all previous seasons, even my daughters knew not to talk while the show was on. This year is a train wreck. It feels rushed, disjointed, and the quality of the dancing is just not there. I feel many people were put through based on their personalities rather than their actual talent. And what happened to America being able to vote? Having only the studio audience vote? I hate it. Not to mention, the show used to be on two nights a week – one for the performances and then the elimination show. During that show there would be group performances, more from the choreographers, and sometimes all stars. And where are all the choreographers? What about the auditions? I loved how the show used to build and we got to know the dancers. I often could predict the Top 10 after getting to watch them audition and all the lead up. Now it just feels flat. And the judges. I miss Nygel and Mary, and while I love Twitch, I can do without the other two judges. An actress and a precocious19-year-old? Who are they to be judging dancers? I don’t care if JoJo has a dance background. In my opinion, she’s too young to be telling anyone anything with authority. I like Leah as a person, but she does not belong on a judging panel of professional dancers. If this is what we can expect in the future, I will no longer be watching. The only part of this season I like are Cat Deely and Twitch. The rest? No thank you.

  11. Couldn’t be more disappointed in this season. The only judge I respect is Twitch. The format is awful. What happened to contestants dancing for their lives? Without the 2 nights we’ve been deprived of the amazing group dances! Other than Sean Cheeseman, I don’t recognize any choreographers and don’t like any of them.
    Isn’t the show all about finding America’s Favorite Dancer? Then why do the lucky people who snag a ticket get to decide?

    1. SYTYCD without a Travis Wall routine is a TRAVESTY! Don’t care what Travis may or may not done he should have been on the show. At least we got to see Robert. Travis should have a routine in the Finale!!!!!!

      1. I totally miss Travis Wall! I was rather happy to see Robert doing choreography. How can you call the winner “America’s favorite dancer” when America doesn’t get to vote?

  12. Everything about this season is wrong. Judges with no dance experience (except Twitch). Dancers who can’t dance. I’m sorry but larger dancers just can’t move like thinner ones. I want to see dancing that I could never, never do in a million years – that’s why we watch. Because great dancing is astounding and takes your breath away. Great dancing can even make you cry (Travis and Heidi – the Bench Dance!). I’m sure the choreographers are trying their best but look what they have to work with – people who can’t dance. So all the dances are simple and boring. I miss Nigel, I miss Mary, I miss Mia Michaels, Nappy Tabs, Fik Shun, Travis Wall – all the great choreographers who came back season after season (and where are they this season?).

    As everyone has said, there was nothing wrong with the “old” format (which wasn’t old at all) – why would you mess with something that was working perfectly? Until this season, this show was one of the best reality shows on TV and you could depend on it to bring fabulous dancing into your living room. If they continue with this for Season 18, I’m out.

  13. The obvious pandering to the latest #hashtag social media driven issue du jour for ratings and/or damage/image control is transparent AF and absolutely nauseating. They’ve sacrificed what made this show great—the high bar for truly exceptional dancers so they can appear woke with D&I. They cut so many BETTER QUALIFIED TALENTED DANCERS so they could champion their anti body shaming poster boy. (I’m sure Beau is a lovely person- but I’m sorry- he isn’t even close to being at the level for the previous standards. I watched these judges cut more talented dancers with the excuse, “we are cutting you bc you just aren’t at the skill level you need to be for the show.” And then they keep Beau? WTF? What They lost any credibility after that.

    I’m sad bc I truly looked forward to this show -I especially miss the Mia Michael’s and Wade Robson era, and also watching Travis Wall’s journey coming into his own from being a contestant to a gifted choreographer -truly incredible.

    And one last thing—Seriously producers – JoJo? Sorry, but no.

  14. I fast forward thru most of the show. I have not seen one hot tamale train dance this season. This show is scripted and staged. It is not a reality show. The show sucks. Choose contestants that can dance. If this doesn’t change for season 18 then it will be the end. I know gay people that think it looks ridiculous for a male that has no interest in women and unable to act the part in a romantic dance scene. This isn’t homophobic that is reality. Wish some openly gay folks would comment. Choreographers should design dances for the dancers given. Don’t give efeminent men romantic dance routines with a woman. Mix this crap up and quit pigeon holing.

  15. I agree with everything said above. I don’t want the show to get bad ratings because I am afraid it will get canceled and that would break my heart, but this new season has me outraged! Nothing was wrong with how it was before. If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it! Bring back judges who actually know a thing or two about the technicalities of dancing, And let America vote again! Also what about the dancers having to actually make it through different rounds of choreography? The hip-hop, the ballroom, etc… The longer version of the show was way better and I sure hope that producers see all of these comments and choose to bring back the show we love and look forward to watching!

  16. I’ve watched the show from Season One and been to every tour event. This season is too politically correct at the expense of the viewers and, more importantly, talented dancers. Viewers have been cheated out of watching truly great emerging talent.

  17. I am upset about the way that only the studio audience can vote, instead of
    america. I am also saddened that that have been shortened performances and less time for each dancer.
    I love the dancing this year and that is what keeps me watching. I hope that things will get better for all.

  18. This used to be my favorite show – and I would watch each episode more than once. NOT so anymore. Love tWitch and Cat – but everything else has gone so far downhill. Such an abbreviated version of the show – screams of budget cuts everywhere. Even worse, it seems like the audience “voting” results are almost pre-scripted? So sad to see what has happened to a once great show.

  19. I agree with all these criticisms!!!!! I have watched this show since the 1st season and absolutely loved it!!! There is no way these top 6 are anyway close to the Dancers that used to be there! Love Twitch but bring back Nigel and Mary ( people that seem to know how to judge) One hour a week, studio judging! What the heck!!! You don’t even get a chance to know the Dancers! The only hope this show has for the future is to go back to the way it was! What happened to all the genres: Salsa, Tango, waltz! The only thing is contemporary(which I Love) Hip hoo and a little jazz?? I like to see all of the genres! I’m sick over this and what you’ve done with it sucks!! Will be the last season unless it returns to the way it was! So sad and so sad for The really good dancers! Nothing personal against the remaining dancers but I could almost do what they do and I’m definitely no dancer! Please don’t cancel but bring the talent back!! It’s embarrassing

  20. This season SUCKS!!!! Where are the old judges??? Where are the old choreographers??? Where is the Top 20??? Not top 12!!! And I’m sorry I like Leah as an actress BUT….why is she a judge???? #horribleseason😡

  21. It feels uncomfortable this year. After 16 years of faithful watching the show, myself and my wife are really disappointed at the dancers selected on the 17th season. The selection process was simplified, no more academy week, and it shows. The overall quality seems lower…really lower than the other years.
    We are also wondering if some better dancers were rejected in favor of being more inclusive. After the first few episodes, it was clear that the judges were for some reason eliminating better dancers, was it to keep the show more inclusive? Who knows, but it certainly felt uncomfortable and we were outraged at their decision.
    This season is by far the worst one of the whole 17 season run.
    And lastly, the judges keep saying that the dancers need to find a way to connect with the people. But this season, we find that it is the judges who do not connect with us. Particularly Mme J. Siwa who we find unsympathetic. We miss Nigel for sure, his expertise and truthfulness is lacking on the panel.
    And for that lack of panel likeness, we blame the judges, the same way they blame the dancers when they do not connect with the audience.
    We also felt that the judges protected the wrong dancers this year and eliminated better technical dancers. Disappointing season, the most disappointing of the lot.

  22. The winner is not America’s Favorite Dancer, he or she is the studio Audience’s Favorite Dancer.
    Bring back Nigel and Mary and the old format.
    Pick dancers for their dancing ability not because they are nice people and you want to be inclusive. That’s not why the public watches. We watch to see remarkable dancing.
    No Emmy’s this year I’m sure.

  23. After watching the first episode I stopped watching. I have watched every single episode since season one and I am absolutely disgusted by this new format and two of the three judges. Twitch is great but the other two can take a hike. The quality of the dancers that they chose while trying to be politically correct was just sad. This was the one show we got to see actual technique and talent in different styles. There’s no ballet, no great ballroom dancing, just plain sad.

  24. I have seen this show live, and it used to be phenomenal. Not this season; judges are lacking, their comments are not specific enough to dance technique, they show unwarranted preferences for less capable dancers, many dancers are not as well trained as in the past, the production is not as good, group dances are missing, auditions are rushed, and on and on. So disappointing,,,

  25. This used to be an amazing show. I love Cat and Twitch but JoJo and Lea, what is their purpose, what is their expertise in dance? I fast forward through most of the show now. I think there were a few incredible dancers but seriously sacrificing skill and talent for political correctness? So over it. I miss Travis, Nigel, Mary and the judges and choreographers who actually knew something about dancing. Why are they settling for the mediocrity of inclusion at the expense of excellence. If you cant cut it you should not get on the show just because you fill some feel good agenda. I hated the rushed auditions and not letting everybody vote at the end. I think they need to back up a few years and go with the format that worked.

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