Chrisley Trial: Why Did Estranged Daughter Lindsie Sing Different Tune?

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Chrisley Knows Best fans who kept up with the Chrisley Trial are wondering why Todd’s estranged daughter Lindsie changed her story. Keep reading and we’ll explain it all.

Chrisley trial ends in surprising verdict

After a three-week trial of testimony, Todd & Julie Chrisley’s tax evasion and bank fraud case went to the jury. Their peers unanimously found the couple GUILTY of all charges. The reality stars had 12 charges between them, though Julie Chrisley was charged with more counts than her husband.

The television personalities each face 30 years in prison. They are currently on home confinement until their October sentencing hearing.

However, even more surprising than the guilty verdict was Lindsie Chrisley’s about-face on the witness stand.

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Lindsie Chrisley/Credit: Inside Edition YouTube

She took to the stand to answer questions about her tumultuous relationship with her father, Todd. They have been feuding for years In fact, for a long time, Todd claimed that his eldest daughter was the one who turned him in to the feds.

In turn, she alleged that he tried to blackmail her with an intimate tape she made with Bachelor Nation alum Robby Hayes.

But while under oath at the trial, she claimed that such a tape didn’t exist. She also praised her estranged father for putting his family first.

Why did Todd’s estranged daughter Lindsie sing a different tune?

Lindsie Chrisley’s surprise support of her father and stepmother began shortly before she took the witness stand. On May 16, the day the trial started, she posted an olive branch to her estranged family on her Instagram.

In part, the lengthy post read, “Papa & Mimi, we love you, we stand with you, trust you, believe you, & are praying for you. I know you are innocent.”

That’s a far cry from her previous statements about her father. What changed her tune?

Blogger Katie Joy accused Lindsie of lying, but to who? Joy outlined her case against Lindsie on her @withoutacrystalball Instagram page.

One of two things happened at Todd Chrisley’s trial, Lindsie Chrisley either perjured herself on the stand or she lied to federal agents.,” the post began.

She then outlined previous instances where Lindsie involved the law against her father, including filing a police report and contacting the FBI for a protective order.

However, during the trial, Lindsie testified on her father’s behalf.

We don’t know why she lied or acted so inappropriately at trial. But why lie? I don’t get it,” Katie Joy wrote before turning the speculation over to her followers.

Credit: @withoutacrystalball/Instagram

Several people alleged that perhaps Todd Chrisley was holding something over his daughter’s head. Others speculated that he paid Lindsie off to change her story.

At this point, the prosecution has given no indication that they believe Lindsie Chrisley committed perjury.

Do you think she did? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Chrisley Knows Best returns with new episodes on Thursday, June 23.

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  1. Thanks for crediting KJ and not being unkind towards her. After what Todd C put her through she deserves to be acknowledged.

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