’90 Day Fiance UK’: Meet The Cast, Premiere Date, Where To Watch

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90 Day Fiance UK is the latest spinoff from the 90 Day universe. Instead of one of the partners being from the US, they will be from the UK. Of course, their beloved will be from another country with the same challenges. Who will stay together and who will call it quits? Time to meet the eight couples hoping to seal the deal.

Meet The 90 Day Fiance UK Women

According to Radio Times, Bridie is 31 and from Rotherham and she met Lebanese Host, 28 whilst playing a game online. They have now been together for two years but have never physically met in person. The hope is that everything will work out in their favor so he can get a visa and come live with her and her daughters. Victoria is 33 from Wolverhampton and is the Ella of this franchise. She is obsessed with all things Japanese (Ella/Johnny vibes except he was from China) so that’s how she attracted Sean, 42. Unfortunately, he has a few skeletons in his closet and a tendency to lie. Plus, she has no clue what he does for work so good luck.


Kadie, 26 is from West Yorkshire and a nurse who is involved with Mexican Alejandro, 30. An international dating site brought them together in the summer of 2021. Now he will come to visit for a month in hopes that they can make this situation legit. Pat is 68 and from Merseyside and she has found a connection with Sam. They are so much alike as in they are both nurses plus they share the same religious beliefs. There is one caveat: she is forty years older than him. He is from Pakistan and found her on Facebook but she feels he is the one.


Finally, Emma, 44 is also from West Yorkshire. She is a single mother who found Hossein, 33 on Instagram. He hails from Iran and they have known each other for six years now. Hossein is obsessed with fitness and showing off his body. As for Emma, she prefers going out with friends. Maybe opposites attract in this case? Now onto the UK men.

Time For The UK Men

Shaun, 41 from Hampshire met Filipino Christine, 42 ten years ago online. They have been together this entire time, welcoming a child four years ago. Shaun has seen their kid three times since its birth but he also financially cares for Christine’s other children. Keep in mind, they are from other relationships. At this point, it only makes sense that they all become one big happy family. Richard is also 41 but from Preston. He, too, has a Filipino love named Kathleen, 32 who he met on a dating app. Though he prefers to have a housewife, he also has a wandering eye so this may pose an issue in the long run.


The final couple is Calum and Marvin. Calum, 28 is from Scotland while Marvin, 26 is from Seychelles. Marvin made the first move and told Calum how cute he thought he was on International Tinder. They have yet to meet in person but are already planning a lovely future together. This includes a wedding and whatever else life holds. Only time will tell who will end up engaged and moving forward and who will move on.

Do not miss the premiere of 90 Day Fiance UK on July 24th only on discovery+.




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