What Do The ‘Sister Wives’ Stars Think About New Netflix Polygamy Doc?

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The Brown family of Sister Wives fame has always been really outspoken about abusive polygamy sects. At the end of the day, the Browns just want to practice their religious freedom and don’t want to associate with cults like the one Warren Jeffs runs.

However, many people outside the Brown family’s faith don’t separate their religion from the FLDS. And the Sister Wives cast members may definitely have some thoughts about a new documentary Netflix put out about polygamist sects.

How will the Sister Wives stars respond to the Netflix documentary on abuse in polygamist sects?

Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey is a four-part mini-series that is now available to stream on Netflix. It chronicles Warren Jeffs’ rise to power and how he abused and exploited his subjects, particularly the women.

While the Browns definitely want to separate from groups like this, they also might be worried that critics of Sister Wives will lump them in with the group.

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Since Sister Wives came on the air, the Brown family said that they only believed in plural marriage for consenting adults. They wanted absolutely no part of child marriage or forced marriage. And that’s exactly what Warren Jeffs’ sect pushes.

During the course of Sister Wives, the Browns often come into contact with former members of the abusive polygamist cults. Since the family’s experience with polygamy has always been positive, it’s sometimes difficult for them to wrap their minds around groups like the FLDS.

But as former members of the cults claim, the abuse in these groups is widespread and it’s hard to get out. And the problem is that not enough is being done about it. Hopefully, Netflix’s new documentary will draw more attention to the issue.

Will the show address the documentary in Season 17?

Right now, Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey is pretty new. It’s possible that the Brown family hasn’t had time to watch it yet. They may not even want to watch it due to the show’s content. But it’s pretty likely that the Sister Wives cast will at least hear about it. And they will certainly have opinions.

Rumor has it that Sister Wives Season 17 is already filming. It’s hard to say when TLC will air the latest season, but it’s entirely possible that the Browns will address the documentary in the new season.

In the meantime, fans can watch the Netflix documentary right now and formulate their own opinions on polygamy.

Check out the trailer for Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey here:

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