Jim Bob Duggar More Excited For Jill’s Wedding Than Derick?

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Was Jim Bob Duggar overly excited about his daughter Jill’s wedding day? Fans are discussing how Jim Bob might have been looking forward to the special day even more than the couple themselves. Naturally, this is raising some questions. Keep reading to get all of the details.

Now, Jill and Derick are happily married with two kids and one more on the way. They tied the knot on June 21, 2014. So, a lot has happened since then.

Following Josh Duggar’s arrest, trial, conviction, and sentencing, fans and critics have been digging up old clips of the family. They have rediscovered many interesting things about the Duggars and are now talking about them online.

One of the fans’ realizations is about Jim Bob Duggar on Jill and Derick’s wedding day. After thinking about the special day once again, fans believe that Jim Bob’s behavior is odd. Scroll down to find out why.

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Jim Bob Duggar Overly Excited For Jill & Derick Dillard’s Wedding?

On Reddit, Duggar snarkers are discussing Jill Dillard’s wedding day. The conversation began with a comment on how Jill and Derick used Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s vows. However, fans and critics quickly noticed something else from the wedding.

Someone recalls one of the “worst” things about Jill and Derick’s wedding day. The fan says, “The worst part was that it wasn’t even the pastor who told them to kiss, but JB, who stood beside and leaned in and said it.”

Another chimes in, “I think that was the moment for me when I realized they’re not cute and harmless but actually a bit creepy and gross.”

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Other fans and critics agree that Jim Bob Duggar seemed oddly excited about Jill and Derick’s wedding day, their first kiss, and them beginning their lives as husband and wife.

Someone else points out something disturbing they noticed in another Duggar wedding video. They write, “And there’s another wedding where he is very obviously craning his neck for a better view.”

Another snarker calls Jim Bob “the grossest.”

So, do you agree that this makes it seem like Jim Bob Duggar might have been more excited than Jill and Derick Dillard were about their wedding day? Do you think that this is bizarre? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news. You can watch Jill and Derick’s wedding ceremony video below if you are interested.

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