Fans Compare Kylen Smith To Charles Manson Cult Follower?


Viewers have long worried about Kylen Smith since she joined this season of Unexpected. They have wanted far better for her than her manipulative and controlling boyfriend. Yet, after part one of the tell-all, concern reached an all-time high. Now, fans are comparing her to a follower of one of the most deadly cults in history. Sadly, their concerns are extremely valid.

Meeting Kylen Smith, Fearing For Her Safety

Kylen was just seventeen when she found out that she was pregnant. She had been with her boyfriend, Jason Korpi for around a year and he did not believe in protection. In his mind, he was a ‘professional rawdogger,’ something that he has boasted about since they joined the show this season. Clearly, that did not work so well for him because the two ended up expecting their first baby. Right off the bat, viewers noticed how controlling Jason was. He did not want Kylen to be around her parents as he believed they treated her like a child. She said it was normal for kids to see their parents. Instead, he wanted to soak up time with his friends since they were going to lose that once the baby arrived. He also dictated that birthing plan he felt was best.



She wanted to give birth in a hospital but he preferred a home birth so he could be involved, Fans did not care for this at all since it was her body and her choice. Furthermore, he did not believe in any form of drugs when she was in labor, including an epidural. It came to a point where Kylen deferred to Jason for pretty much every decision that she made. Finally, when she went into labor, they went to the birthing center. She declined a cervical exam, he ate and vaped while she was in the tub, and he didn’t want to take her to the hospital when it was urgent. Then, she needed an epidural but he claimed she would get addicted, threw a fit, and was removed from the hospital. Still, Kylen loved him.

Cult-like Behavior?

When part one of the tell-all aired, all of Kylen Smith’s co-stars were scared for her. They wanted to let her know that she deserved so much better but it did not sink in. She did all she could to defend Jason during their segments but it was just not enough. It appeared that even his and her parents were fearful of him. Then fans noticed a similarity between Kylen and one of Charles Manson’s cult members, Susan Atkins. Together, they all committed murders, feeling they were a part of Manson’s family. A Reddit thread was started with a side-by-side photo of Kylen and Susan.


It is eerily creepy and others noticed, too:

  • “Yes!! Someone previously mentioned she resembles Charlie Manson, and my first thought was that she looks like the love child of Charlie and Sexy Sadie.”
  • “Omg stop, this is too accurate of a comparison!”
  • “It’s enlightening to me that you brought up Manson. His harem of girls stood by him no matter what. Jason has nowhere the intelligence of Manson, but it’s an interesting link. I wonder just how far Kylen would go for Jason.”
  • “Kylen is 100% the type of girl that would have been pulled into Manson’s orbit and sucked into every word he said”

As one of her co-stars said, it is sad because she seems very alone. Do you think the similarities are there? Let us know and watch part two of the Unexpected tell-all Sunday on TLC.



Amanda Lauren

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One Comment

  1. My question or point in part 1 of tell all Kylen’s ( such a beautiful name) parents say they wish they could see more of her and the baby “ in their own home” and Kyle responds that neither her nor Jason has a license. Then WHY is Jason filmed DRIVING her to the birthing center, the hospital, sitting behind the wheel when kicked out of the hospital, and DRIVING the newborn and mama home from the hospital while Kyle remarks about how loud the car is???? Where are the local police, the State Police And why hasn’t the TLC OR the network been fined, or ARRESTED for not turning Jason in for driving on a SUSPENDED LICENSE???????

    That child should be removed from Jason, Kylen, his parents custody and either given to her parents with the understanding that they can not be around him or he should be in foster care as poor as that system is or adoption for his own safety.

    Obviously his parents and paternal grandparents and perhaps maternal grandparents are so afraid of Jason and his actions that they won’t protect that child. Even the others at the tell all remarked to that effect. He won’t even let her hold her own child and says he doesn’t trust her with him. INTERESTING. I’m glad he’s not my son.

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