’90 Day Fiance’: Danielle Jbali Clarifies Her Profession, Is She A Nurse?


90 Day Fiance alum Daniell Jbali is apparently tired of defending herself. She is speaking up and out about her education and profession. So, is she actually a nurse? She is clearing up all of the uncertainty.

Danielle’s 90 Day Fiance Disaster

What was supposed to be a magical time for Danielle ultimately turned into a disaster. She had met her love Mohammed online. He was from Tunisia and ultimately moved to America to be with her. Unfortunately, there were a lot of little lies between the two of them. This all played out in Season 2 of the hit reality series. He claimed he had a job and some money saved up but that proved to be a lie. As for Danielle, she had past issues involving credit card fraud. Still, the two got married only for him to embarrass her horrifically on national television. She attempted to annul the marriage and have him deported but the two eventually got divorced.


As seen on spinoffs, such as 90 Day: The Single Life, Danielle had a constant need for closure from Mohammed. More so, he still comes to visit her and they catch up. It was difficult for her to date new men as she had confidence and trust issues. Luckily, she had friends who were willing to make her feel her absolute best. She is hopeful she can find someone new as seen on 90 Day Diaries but she has another goal. Danielle wants people to stop questioning what she does for a living so now it’s time to clarify her profession.

What Does Danielle Do?

A few months back, Danielle posted photos of herself at her nursing graduation. Is she an actual nurse? The answer is yes. She shared a picture holding her degree and all of the information on her Instagram. Danielle is a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Every day, she takes care of around twenty-five to thirty residents and she loves what she does. She says: “I pass medication, administer IV antibiotics, do assessments, vitals, tube feeds, bolus feeds and I make good money.” Though she notes she is not an RN, for that takes more schooling, she adds that a nurse is a nurse no matter what.


Her followers were very proud of her:

  • “And you should be proud of such an accomplishment. Forget these people”
  • “Don’t explain yourself to people who feel the need to debate everything! You rock!!! Keep it up lady!!!”
  • “Don’t ever explain to these haters, you do you and girl. They are jealous they don’t have a wonderful rewarding career.”
  • “You worked so hard and I am so proud of you DANIELLE! And you are such an amazing person as well!”

So, yes, Danielle is a real nurse, she has worked very hard, and she should be immensely proud. Congrats Danielle. Finally, are you shocked that she has come so far? Let us know and watch her continued journey on 90 Day Diaries every Monday.


Amanda Lauren

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