‘Unexpected’: Emersyn Potter Spills Tea On Kylen & Future Aspirations

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Unexpected star Emersyn Potter decided to do an Instagram ‘ask me a question’ segment. She answered as many as she could via her story and truly was open and honest. The teen mother opened up about her relationship with controversial castmate Kylen Smith as well as her future goals.

Emersyn’s Unexpected Journey

When Emersyn joined the hit TLC reality series, she was eighteen and had gotten pregnant by her boyfriend, Mason. They were staying with her mother Erica. She had also been pregnant when Emersyn shared her news but had one rule for the young couple. They could not stay in the same bed. After their son, Mateo was born, Emersyn was tired of them sleeping separately so she had Mason come to stay in her bed. Of course, they were immediately caught and Mason was not allowed over anymore. That was when Emersyn took Mateo and went to go stay at Mason’s with his parents Shannon and Ernie.


Yet, out of all of the couples on the show, they seemed to be the most relatable. Their biggest issues truly stemmed from Erica unlike their co-stars Kylen Smith and Jason Korpi. They faced an immense amount of backlash for the way he treated her throughout the season. When it came to part one of the tell-all, the girls could not wait to watch their segment. They wanted to see if Jason would show any signs of remorse, which he did not. Then, Kylen proceeded to storm off with Jason insulting everyone. So, where does Emersyn stand with Kylen, and what are her goals for the future?

Friends And All The Rest

When Emersyn did her ‘ask me a question’ segment, she was extremely open. One follower asked about Kylen. They wanted to know if she has been nice behind the scenes or if that was a negative. According to Emersyn, the fellow teen mother “has always been very sweet to me.” That comes as quite a shock considering Jason stormed off the stage during part one of the tell-all. He then declared that everyone else was unpopular and he made the show. Kylen proceeded to attack Tyra via Instagram but maybe she chooses who she gets along with.


As for whether or not she works or wants to go to college, currently, she just wants to be with Mateo. That’s fair but she does have big future aspirations. She would like to get into real estate and massage therapy at some point so Emersyn is quite diverse yet very diverse. Hopefully, she can figure out her path because she has great goals set.

Are you surprised she and Kylen got along so well? Let us know and watch part two of the Unexpected tell-all Sunday on TLC.

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