‘LPBW’ Amy Roloff Has Muddy Accident, What Happened?

Amy Roloff, YouTube

LPBW (Little People, Big World) star Amy Roloff recently had a muddy accident. What happened to the TLC star, and is she doing okay now? Keep reading for all of the details.

In addition to appearing on TLC, Amy also keeps fans up-to-date on her life via social media. She often posts pictures and videos to let fans know what she’s doing. She shares both the ups and the downs, keeping it real.

Amy Roloff, YouTube

Amy Roloff spills the details of her messy accident.

In a new Instagram post on the evening of Monday, June 6, Amy Roloff shared a few photos with fans. She revealed that she had taken a little fall and gotten pretty muddy as a result. She went on a walk with her husband, Chris Marek, and shared a sweet selfie with him.


In her post, the reality TV star wrote, “Well, this is what happens when I want to take a different way on a short hike. I slipped and went down the muddy hill.” She also added a laughing emoji, so it looks like she has a good attitude despite her accident.

She used the hashtag #BritishColumbiaCanada.

Then, she said, “What’s a little mud when I have my favorite amazing guy with me and a beautiful back drop of the mountains.”

Below, you can see a photo of Amy Roloff’s jeans, which are covered in mud. Fortunately, based on her post, it doesn’t sound like Amy got hurt from her fall. She likely would have disclosed those details if something serious had happened.

Amy Roloff Instagram

The LPBW star also included a photo of the beautiful view she saw while hiking with her husband. It looks like Chris Marek and Amy Roloff had some wonderful weather and a stunning view on their little adventure.


LPBW fans react to the star’s little accident.

In the comments section of her post, Amy Roloff is getting a lot of attention from fans. Many are saying they are glad to see that she’s okay. Others are getting a good laugh out of the post.

As it turns out, many of her followers can relate to her muddy spill. One of her followers says, “Happens to me often. My hiking buddy likes to go off trail.”

Another reminds Amy Roloff it could have been much worse. The fan says, “As long as you’re ok! I slipped on a hike and ended up breaking my leg and ankle so bad I was in traction in the hospital for 10 days and had to have 3 surgeries. Be careful out there! 😍”

So, are you glad to see that Amy Roloff is doing okay despite a little fall? What do you think of the nature photos she shared, too? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Roloffs. And don’t miss new episodes of TLC’s LPBW on Tuesdays on TLC.

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