‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Will Kimberly Cobb Be Back For New Season?

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The third season of I Love A Mama’s Boy starts soon. There have been a lot of questions about the cast since only a few people have been revealed. Two of them are OG’s Kelly and Matt so does that mean his ex-fiancee Kimberly Cobb is returning, as well? She answered that question recently during an Instagram Live.

I Love A Mama’s Boy’s Interesting Trio

Kimberly was in love with Matt all throughout Season 1 so by the second season, it was time for them to plan their wedding. Unfortunately, it seemed to be more of his mother, Kelly’s wedding than anything. It did not help that the couple was living with Matt’s parents since their apartment had burned down. Plus, his family was helping them build a home so a lot was in their hands and out of Kelly’s. She not only wanted to read a poem at their wedding but officiate it, as well. It was getting gross and to a point where she was taking being close to her son to another level.


Finally, Kimberly got an amazing job opportunity that she could not say no to. Sadly, Matt said he could not leave his mother behind and felt she was being selfish for leaving. It hurt but she went anyway realizing that she was actually better off away from the toxicity. She saw that it was time to end the relationship. Matt could sense something was off so he flew down to try to mend the situation. Of course, he brought Kelly and that was when Kimberly officially called it quits. With Matt and Kelly coming back again, does that mean Kimberly will return too?

More Kimberly?

So far, Shekeb and his mother, Laila are back for Season 3. There was a huge promise/engagement ring debacle with his girlfriend Emily. No word if she is back or if Laila’s beloved bird made the cut. Matt and his mama, Kelly are confirmed but what about Kimberly? She took to Instagram and shared her answer to the Natasha Bedingfield song ‘Unwritten.’ Kimberly nodded her head ‘no’ with her answer also laid out below her. She explained that for ‘personal reasons’ she has chosen not to appear in this upcoming season of the series.

Kimberly did thank her followers for all of their love and support over the years. They expressed their feelings on her departure:

  • “Awwww I’m bummed! But so happy you’re happy and living your best life now!”
  • “So happy you left that toxic relationship!! It looks great on you!!!”
  • “That’s a blessing… that relationship is unhealthy”

Needless to say, everyone seems super supportive of Kimberly making her way on to bigger and better things. For those who are still interested in the show, it returns on June 19th. Do not miss Season 3 of I Love A Mama’s Boy on TLC.


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