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Wells Adams Teases Sarah Hyland Doesn’t Love Him

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Bachelor Nation loves Wells Adams. He’s cute, he’s sweet and caring, plus he’s absolutely hilarious. He is always the jokester and no doubt keeps his relationship with Sarah Hyland fun. Now, he’s at it again. Wells teased fans saying Sarah doesn’t love him. What is going on with these two lovebirds? Keep reading to find out more.

Wells Adams teases Sarah doesn’t love him

Fans love the fun-loving relationship Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland have together. They share a lot of their relationship with their followers and fans love it.

Now, Wells Adams went to Instagram to share a video where he teases that his fiance doesn’t love him. In the video, a jokingly disgruntled Wells says it’s really sad his fiance just told him she doesn’t love him. Sarah then says she just said she can’t go to Mexico with him because she’s working. Wells continued his joking attitude saying, “Same thing.”

Wells has been teasing that Bachelor in Paradise is about to start filming as he had out his bartending shirts the other day. He’s obviously getting ready to pack and head to the beach for another season of bartending and counseling the contestants. Rumor has it the new season should begin filming in just a few days.

Wells and Sarah

Wells and Sarah have been engaged for a while now and have had to postpone their wedding twice due to Covid. However, wedding plans seem to be back on track. In fact, she just celebrated her upcoming nuptials with a beautiful bridal shower.

Wells shared videos of him crashing the Modern Family actress’s bridal shower. He presented her with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Wells and Sarah are definitely couple goals. It seems they are always smiling and laughing when they are together.

They have jokingly said if anything else goes wrong with their wedding planning they are heading to Vegas or the courthouse.

Wells Adams/Sarah Hyland/Instagram
Wells Adams/Sarah Hyland/Instagram

Their wedding

Nobody knows the date Sarah and Wells are supposed to actually have their wedding. However, having her bridal shower is a good indication the long-awaited event could be happening this summer. One thing is certain, it won’t be happening in the next four to five weeks as Wells heads to Mexico.

So, as the summer goes on fans will be having a close eye on their social media accounts to see if any more wedding hints are dished out.

Are you excited to finally see Wells and Sarah get married?

Stay tuned for more updates.



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