‘Seeking Sister Wife’ SPOILER: Are Garrick And Roberta Married?

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The new season of Seeking Sister Wife began today and with that, viewers reconnected with the Merrifields. There had been a lot of speculation about where the couple stood, especially with sister wife Roberta. Did she ever come over to America? Was she pregnant or was she through with the Merrifields? That all got answered on the Season 4 premiere and it was a lot to unpack.

Where The Merrifields Left Off With On Seeking Sister Wife

When viewers last saw Dannielle and Garrick, they had flown off to Mexico to meet up with Roberta. Along with their two children and Dannielle’s family, it was a very special trip. After Covid hit and they lost contact with Bert, there was a lot of fear. They knew time was more precious than ever therefore Garrick and Bert devised a plan. Rather than getting married, they wanted to start making babies. So, the purpose of the Mexico trip was for them to start this process. Obviously, it was really uncomfortable for Dannielle and her parents. They still needed to feel that this was okay and their daughter was being taken care of.


Ultimately, they came to care about Bert just as much as Dannielle and Garrick had. By the end of the trip, it seemed that Bert was one step closer to coming to America which was huge. A big fear was that she would get pregnant but Garrick would not be able to be there for the birth. Another was that he would take off to Brazil to be with his new baby and fail to come back for some time. There were a lot of questions and even more when the season ended. Fans hoped for a better life for Dannielle without Garrick. It was unclear if Bert ever made it to America but luckily, the show came back and everything was cleared up.

Garrick And Bert’s Status

After courting for some time and a long engagement, it seemed it was taking too long for Bert to get to America. So, about a year ago, Garrick and Dannielle headed to Mexico with her parents. Bert met them there and they decided to have a commitment ceremony. This is not legal by any means but it does join them in their sacred way. Once she can come to America, then they will do something legal. After all, Dannielle and Garrick got divorced so he could marry Bert.


Her visa did get approved however her mother is sick so her arrival is delayed. For the time being, they have met up with a new woman named Lea. She is a nurse from California and they really like her vibe. Dannielle wants a third wife so she has someone extra to hang out with while Garrick and Bert are off babymaking. Bert does not like this at all but time waits for no one.

Find out if Bert can continue on with the Merrifields when Seeking Sister Wife airs Mondays on TLC.

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