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‘MAFS’ Mark ‘The Shark’ Maher Answers Burning Questions

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MAFS Mark Maher married Lindsey Georgoulis on Season 14 of the show. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between them. They did stay together on decision day. However, after that, they decided it just wasn’t going to work. Now that the “Where Are They Now” episode aired the brides and grooms are all returning to social media. Mark went to Instagram to share answers to tons of fans’ burning questions. Keep reading to find out what he has to say.

MAFS Mark Maher answers questions

Mark “The Shark” Maher went to Instagram to answer a bunch of questions fans have been wanting to know about the reality star. One popular question seemed to be how much weight he has lost since the show began. Mark revealed he’s lost about 40 pounds. He continues to work out and try and be healthier.

Of course, another big question he was asked is if he is single. The MAFS alum said that yes he is very single. He doesn’t seem to be dating anyone at all at the moment. Someone else asked about wanting to have children and he replied he’d at least like a girlfriend first. As far as getting married again, Mark does not seem to be ready for that. In fact, he said that perhaps once was enough.

Another fan asked if he and Lindsey still communicated. Mark revealed that he and Lindsey are on good terms.

What else did Mark reveal?

Mark also revealed some other fun little facts about himself. He shared that his favorite foods are a toss-up between a good burger and sushi. Someone else pointed out that Lindsey was the one who introduced him to sushi. He agreed that was a true fact. He also said his favorite fast food is Chick Fil A. Of course, most fans know he works there as part of a management team.

Mark also seems to be putting himself back out there some. Fans noticed he has an account on the dating app Bumble.

Lindsey and Mark via YouTube
Lindsey and Mark via YouTube

He also shared how the got the Mark the Shark nickname. Mark said he used to hang out on the beach and talk to the ladies. Since was always flirting his friends started calling him that and it stuck.

During the season fans also saw Mark have to put his cat down. He said when his current cats pass away he will not get any for a while. It’s too painful.

What do you think about Mark’s answers to everyone’s questions?





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