‘LPBW’ Where Did Matt Roloff Really Get His Success?

Matt Roloff, YouTube, LPBW

LPBW (Little People, Big World) star Matt Roloff has been on TLC for over 20 seasons and has become pretty successful. Recently, fans began talking about what brought him so much success. Keep reading to see what fans think.

Thanks to TLC, Matt and his family have shared their story with the world for 23 seasons. They have also run Roloff Farms. Between these different ventures, the Roloffs appear to have done very well for themselves. They look like they are pretty happy and are financially stable, too.

But LPBW fans are curious about the true root of all of Matt’s success over the years. While they agree that he did put in some effort, they think there are other people he couldn’t have been successful without. So, who should Matt be thanking for his accomplishments?

Matt Roloff, YouTube, LPBW

LPBW fans speculate how Matt Roloff became successful.

On Reddit, fans are discussing LPBW and how Matt is so successful today. Many fans have theories about what led to his accomplishments with the family’s farm and the show.

Fans believe that Matt used his kids to help him get to where he is today. Someone says, “Let’s be real, his young children were put on a reality show to help grow his business. His business wouldn’t be where it is today without his children’s exploitation.”

One fan writes, “He put his kids on tv and they had no choice. He sold the idea that the farm would be PASSED DOWN to kids and grandkids, not sold for a profit to them. He only wanted the best deal for himself when buying out Amy and wants the most profit now that he’s selling.”

A group of people in front of a Roloff Farms sign
Roloff family/Credit: Matt Roloff Instagram

They point out, “Transactional relationships lead to broken relationships. I hope he enjoys the profits because it’s going to be quite lonely without the frequent laughter of those grandbabies around.”

So, it sounds like LPBW fans believe that Matt exploited his kids for the success of his business, Roloff Farms, and the show, too. Some of the show’s viewers believe that this will impact the kids’ relationships with Matt in the future, too.

So, do you think that Matt Roloff’s kids are responsible for his success today? Do you think that he exploited them by putting them on TV at an early age? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Roloff family news. Don’t miss new episodes of LPBW on Tuesdays on TLC.

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