Kardashian Fans Dub Kylie Jenner A 'King', Why?

Kardashian Fans Dub Kylie Jenner A ‘King’, Why?

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Kylie Jenner was recently dubbed a “King” by fans. This comes after the reality star shared a selfie of herself wearing a massive ring. Kylie took to Instagram to share an “unedited” photo of herself. Kylie has been feeling sentimental lately.

The 24-year-old showed off some of her old iconic looks, especially the time when she rocked a huge skull ring and had turquoise hair. The Kylie Skin founder embraced her inner punk rock with a new photo.

Fans have been praising her for the “unedited” shot and for her new look that’s giving them a sense of nostalgia. Read on to see the photo for yourself and to learn more.

Fans Obsessed With Kylie Jenner's Selfie [Kylie Jenner | YouTube]
[Kylie Jenner | YouTube]

She used to call herself “King Kylie”

Kylie Jenner is not known to fans as just Kylie Jenner. She used to call herself King Kylie. In fact, it @kingkylie used to be her old Instagram handle before she changed it to just @kyliejenner. In June 2015, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum made news when she changed her name.

She even referred to herself as “King Kylie” in her name. At the time, Kylie Jenner was dating her ex-boyfriend Tyga. The rapper’s old Instagram handle was “King Gold Chains.” The two were linked for months. Kylie was just 17 years old when they first started dating.

Kylie Jenner Called Herself King Kylie [Kylie Jenner | Instagram]
[Kylie Jenner | Instagram]
The former couple knew each other for years and were friends. Tyga was 25 years old when he became cozy with the teenager. He changed his name at the time, leading rumors to swirl that the two were just more than friends. Fans were uncomfortable about their relationship for obvious reasons.

The eight-year age gap may have not gone over well with her family at first. He was a friend of the family because of his ex Blac Chyna, who used to be best friends with Kim Kardashian. In March 2015, Tyga denied dating Kylie, but changed his response weeks later and admitted that she changed his heart. The couple ended their relationship in March 2017 and she started dating Travis Scott a month later.

Kylie Jenner hailed “king” again

Kylie Jenner has been hailed a “king” again. It’s for a different reason that has nothing to do with her ex-boyfriend. Her latest selfie gave them a dose of nostalgia. On Sunday, June 5, Kylie shared a new photo of her bold makeup and large ring.

The television personality looked away from the camera as she showed off her orange eyelids and undereye makeup. She paired her look with groomed eyebrows, nude lips, light pink claw nails, and a massive heart-shaped ring. Kylie finished off her look with a black mock neck sleeveless shirt. The new mom wore her jet-black hair straight and down.

Kylie Jenner Dubbed King Kylie [Kylie Jenner | Instagram]
[Kylie Jenner | Instagram]
Kylie Jenner looked like her old self. However, fans were more focused on the massive ring she wore in the photo. Some of them wanted to know who gave her the new bling. Over on Reddit, fans dubbed her as a “king.” They’re glad that she’s back to being old Kylie again.

  • “No fake eyelashes?”
  • “She looks fresh and less ‘robotic,’ I honestly love that.”
  • “Yup, we’re back in the king Kylie era because she’s posting a lot.”
  • “Kylie’s recent posts look less edited and more ‘raw.’ I love that.”

The mother of two has been praised for sharing more makeup-free looks. Fans agree that Kylie Jenner looks beautiful just the way she is. Do you like old Kylie? Sound off below in the comment section.

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