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Hannah Godwin & Dylan Barbour Update Fans, Say they Feel Married

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Some people say marriage is a state of mind. For Hannah Godwin that’s true. She and Dylan Barbour are getting married after being engaged in 2019 and they already feel married. It’s wedding season, and something about it feels a little different. With so many people having to reschedule their weddings because of COVID it feels like a fresh start.

Hannah Godwin, TikTok
Hannah Godwin, TikTok

Hannah and Dylan are one of the most popular couples to come out of Bachelor in Paradise. Fans love the two of them and together they bring hope to those who envision Bachelor Nation being a real way to fall in love. On a recent post of the two of them at a wedding, Hannah joked about her upcoming nuptials. She said, “weddings are fun we should have one.” Dylan agreed in the comments and so did tons of fans telling them to, “get married already.” However, they’ve been happy moving at their own pace.

Hannah Godwin And Dylan Barbour Already Feel Married

Talking to E-News, Hannah said that they’d lived in four different places together and are in it for, “the long haul.” She said they want to get married and make it official, but they already feel married in a lot of ways.

Dylan said for his part, Hannah does everything he doesn’t want to do at the house. He said he does all the things she doesn’t want to, so it works out. She makes the bed, and he takes out the trash.

Hannah Godwin, TikTok
Hannah Godwin, TikTok

They both know they want to have kids and they each want three although they disagree on how many of each gender. Hannah said, “we’re a very, very good balance when it comes to being roomies. We really even each other out.”

What Will Their Parenting Styles Be Like?

Hannah Godwin and Dylan are working hard on their respective apps and Hannah is growing her social media and YouTube. When it comes to kids, Dylan thinks she’ll be the strictest parent, but she thinks he will. Either way, their kids will be adorable and join a long line of cute Bachelor babies to grace Instagram.

Hannah and Dylan haven’t released a date for their wedding yet, but they’ve been looking at venues. In interviews, they expressed Spring 2023 as a good time to aim for. They have also expressed they’d like a low-key smaller wedding so they can enjoy it more. Like a lot of couples who began their relationship during the pandemic, they had to really spend a lot of quality time together. They know they’re right for each other and aren’t rushing anything.

What do you think about Hannah and Dylan already feeling married? Who is your favorite couple from Bachelor in Paradise? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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