‘Unexpected’: Jason’s Father Scott Sends Chills Down Fans’ Spines

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It is the day of part one of the Unexpected tell-all. The cast is eager to sit down together for the first time this season. However, Jason Korpi is less than thrilled. He is not in the mood for everyone to come at him but when it is go time, anything can and will happen.

Jason And Kylen Attempt To Defend His Indefensible Unexpected Behavior

Obviously, Jason and Kylen were the most controversial cast members of Season 5 but not in a good way. The peak was when Kylen was in labor but Jason was oblivious to her pain. He sat there, eating and vaping, while she was legitimately suffering. As she was admitted to the hospital, the staff felt the best course of action was an epidural. Despite it not being a part of their original birth plan, Kylen knew it was best for safe delivery. as far as Jason was concerned, she was betraying him and their baby would be born hooked on drugs. Their fellow cast members were hoping he would apologize for being so incredibly awful. From the moment the tell-all began, Jason was throwing things at Kylen as his parents stood by.


The girls rushed to the monitor to watch Kylen and Jason’s segment and were met with anger. They so wanted to save Jason and could see both Jason and Kylen’s parents were afraid of him. His dad, Jason even said he understood why Jason was so combative toward Kylen during her labor as it was such a high-stress situation. The moms could not wait to get out there when it was couples time because they had so much to say. They really just wanted to protect Kylen, get her to see the light. When it did not work and Jason gave a shout-out to his haters, the two stormed off the stage. He did leave with one final message.

Who Is The Real Star?

Frustrated that the girls were trying to get him to see how he could have been a better man, Jason was over it. Kylen was first to get up and Jason quickly followed. As he is walking off, he turns to the cast and lets them know he is the reason the show got so many views. Furthermore, the others are so unpopular and it was solely because of him. Previously, he maintained that he loved the attention he had been getting from the show, even if it was negative. When he headed back to the dressing room, his parents Scott and Heidi were waiting for him. They had already tried to justify his behavior before.


Jason was not about to go back on stage and neither was Kylen. She did not want to have to justify her relationship any further. Soon, Scott chimed in with this crazed look in his eye and said: “they would not have much of a show if it wasn’t for us.” It was as if he was proud of his son’s behavior. The girls even felt Jason learned how to treat a woman from his dad and that is very sad. In the end, Jason agreed to go back out on stage but only to make a closing statement.

How will it all end? Watch part two of the Unexpected tell-all next Sunday on TLC.

Amanda Nowitz

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  1. The Korpi family is in crisis. Listen to Jason’s father’s comments, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree here. He even enjoyed his son bragging about being the most popular & elaborated by saying there wouldn’t be a show without his family. Pretty much says it all, like a virus it just keeps spreading. People are hypnotized with fatal accidents too, but not for a good reason, like watching a horror show. You should be ashamed of the example you are displaying for the youth today, on acceptable behavior & parenting. Jason & his dad are bullies, or else dad is too afraid of his own son to put him in check. Sad that an innocent baby gets to live in the world that your viewers see, thanks to TLC. Social Services should flag this family, cause baby’s moma isn’t strong enough to do the right thing. Too worried about losing a piece of crap, so she’s willing to sacrifice her child in hope he might see the light. Good job Kylen, maybe you can give the big man another baby & he’ll allow you to be abused awhile longer. Wake up girl, you owe that to you child! Maybe consider your parents once in awhile, before there are buried. My heart breaks for them & yours will too one day Kylen. Hopefully before it’s too late.

    1. Correct! I wish they would cancel their story. I personally wouldn’t mind not ever seeing them again. It’s disturbing as hell to watch! And why continue to film this shit show whe this girl gets abused. Put the camera down and do something!

      1. You’re absolutely right. Take them off. Hes sickening, his parents are a poor example of parents. Cps should definitely get involved, and TLC should not encourage it any longer by having them on the show. I know networks love ratings ,but not at the cause of abuse and cruelty.

    2. Agree 100%!! They were the draw for the show -IN SEASON 5- ha ha ha ha!!! When their segment was on, I had to mute the TV! It was like watching a car crash….because you couldn’t believe, any of those facilities didn’t shut that kid (and I use that term loosely) down ASAP!! And then he blames it on the mother in labor!! As if! But the kicker was, I figured the parents, at least the mother, would have SOMETHING to say at the tell-all….ANYTHING!!! To say they disagreed with his atrocious behavior!! But nope! All the DAD said, was, it was stressful all around…..pffffft. Ummm no! Just no sir! And now I understand why your son is so ignorant and chooses not to follow your so called rules. Funny your wife only said 5 words all season too! Hmmm. No one watched for your family… the room.

    3. Vickie you put it so eloquently and I agree with all you say. One additional comment, Jasons mother rarely talks so I have to ask is she also afraid to speak up much like her sons baby’s mother Kylen something seems OFF but I was shocked to see the Dad condone and excuse the inexcusable and I agree with your comments about Kylens parents, I feel they are UNDER appreciated and so loving and frankly adorable! They seem like they are afraid to make their daughter mad for fear she will never see them.That is not a normal authentic relationship. KYLEN wake up, your parents love you and are wonderful….. STOP putting an abusive partner ahead of your parents please just like Vickie put, they will not be here forever and your dad already has health issues WAKE UP GIRL

  2. I feel sorry for Jason’s mom. She looks scared of her husband and her son..she hardly looks up or makes eye contact. I feel the only safe place for the baby would be with Kylen’s parents. Jason’s whole family dynamic is disgusting.

    1. It seemed like everyone was afraid to speak. Even his wife just sat there silent. It’s like Kylen & his wife are afraid of both of them. They should speak one on one with both woman without the men.

  3. On the next show I would have one question to ask , does Jason hit you? I bet he does. But she’s too scared to say so. I would get her and that poor innocent baby far away from him

  4. One thing I’ve learned is, the more you push to get them apart, the more she will cling/cleve to him. She’ll have to see it for herself. Maybe it will be the passing of her dad or the baby will bring about the change. But everyone telling her “he’s no good for you, he’s abusive and you need to leave, what’s it going to take to make you leave”? Closer and closer and closer. Just pray for her, that she gets it/wake up for her and Xavier sooner rather than later.

  5. It seemed like everyone was afraid to speak. Even his wife just sat there silent. It’s like Kylen & his wife are afraid of both of them. They should speak one on one with both woman without the men.

  6. Jason is troubled and hiding behind his stupid looking hair and hat thinking it will make him look important. Perhaps Kylen should look at herself and comb her hair. Then, maybe she would be able to attract decent friends. I feel she is afraid of being alone. Jason’s parents should have put him in a military school long ago. Instead, what has happened? They’re making money out of this disgusting abusive son and a scared young girl. The parents, in my opinion are jerks and abusers.

  7. With the extremely poor handling of missing 5 year old Harmony Montgomery’s case, New Hampshire is now on notice to keep a check on this baby.

  8. I am very concerned about this family..Instead of using them on the show get some help for them.
    If that had been around me while I was giving birth I would have thrown everyone out including the crew.
    How can the tv show justify standing by and promoting this dreadful behaviour….

  9. There is no excuse for Jason’s behavior. There obviously is no real adult in that household to hold him accountable for his disrespectful and childish actions. Honestly everyone one in his family is afraid of him so they down play his actions so they don’t piss him off. He definitely seen this same behavior from his father towards his mother and the cycle will probably continue with his and Kaylen son. I feel bad for Kaylen because she has to deal with that until she finally has had enough!! Until then she will be treated like she’s only an object of Jason. While his parents sit back and condone his behavior. I pray she gets smarter for her and her baby sake.

  10. He acts that why because they let him, that’s why he treats her that way!! My advice to his girlfriend don’t stay away from your family u need them get a job and take care of your baby!!💙

  11. I’ve been through severe narcissistic and emotional abuse and that is EXACTLY what is happening to Kylen and Jason’s Mother. His own Mother is afraid of him. I honestly think he has already started to abuse Kylen physically. And I am in no way trying to sound mean or anything because I have a special needs child myself but, I kind of feel like Kylen’s parents may be on the spectrum. I feel so bad for them because it is clear they love and miss their daughter and her Dad is dying. The stress from Jason’s actions and attitude isn’t helping her Dad either. Jason does what every other narcissist does and is trying to separate her from everyone. You never see her talking to any of HER friends or anything and whenever she’s asked something she always says she has to check with Jason first. He has complete control over her. I can also pretty much guarantee he saw her as a victim the first time they met. They slept together in a couple days of first meeting and I think he wanted her pregnant on purose to control her even more. He learned all of his behavior from Daddy. His own Mother looks like a battered woman. I hope Kylen wakes up and realizes how much of a POS Jason is and starts seeing her parents more often before it’s too late. I just don’t see her Dad living much longer with all the added Jason BS. I am surprised the hospital and midwives didn’t notify CPS because they are mandatory reporters. I wish TLC would step in and get Kylen and Jason’s Mother some help separate from Jason and his poor excuse of a Father.

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