Love Island Amber Beckford Requires Ring To Stop Exploring Other Men [Amber Beckford | Instagram]

‘Love Island’: Amber Beckford Requires Ring To Stop Exploring Other Men

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Love Island newbie Amber Beckford made a big claim. She admitted that she demands a ring to stop exploring other men. The beautiful television personality refuses to stop other dating men until someone commits to her first. Long-term relationships don’t count to her.

She admitted that if there’s “no ring,” she will continue to pursue other men. The 24-year-old is a nanny who hopes to find love in the villa. She will appear in the upcoming season, which has started filming already. Amber can’t wait to explore the many men that will appear in the dating series.

Love Island Amber Beckford's Big Demand [Amber Beckford | Instagram]
[Amber Beckford | Instagram]

Amber Beckford knows what she wants

The new Love Island contestant claims to already know what she wants. She’s looking for a man who will get down on one knee. The dark-haired beauty hopes things will come to that on the new season of Love Island. Amber doesn’t trust a man who wants a serious relationship but refuses to put an engagement ring on her finger.

“In a relationship, I’m very loyal,” Amber told OK! Magazine, as quoted by The Sun. “But if you’re not my boyfriend and there’s no ring on my finger, I might be looking elsewhere!”

The new Love Islander warned that she has a straying eye. It won’t take her long to find another man. In fact, she’s used to it. Amber can’t wait to find a man in the Spanish villa filmed in Majorca. She likes a man who’s a gentleman but also has a sense of humor. Her biggest turnoff is “flashy guys.”

Love Island Amber Beckford Wants A Man [Amber Beckford | Instagram]
[Amber Beckford | Instagram]
“It’s just not something I’m attracted to,” Amber said. “So if someone tried to do that with me it’d be the wrong move. I don’t like guys that show off, like flashy, showy-offy guys – just have a personality and make me laugh.”

Amber works as a childcare specialist from London. She can’t wait to check out the selection of single men on the show. The sexy stunner said she wants a boyfriend by this summer. But, he has to be willing to propose, of course.

Love Island makes its return this summer

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Love Island is making its grand return this summer. The reality series will feature sexy romps for the first time in two years. Those steamy scenes were originally placed on a blacklist of things that wouldn’t be filmed. However, the contestants will still have to follow other strict rules, such as not eating while filming.

Love Island Amber Beckford Bikini Photo [Amber Beckford | Instagram]
[Amber Beckford | Instagram]
Amber revealed what she’ll bring to the new season of Love Island. She admits that she wants to keep it simple and just have “fun.” Amber also warned that she “can definitely be opinionated so I’m not sure how that’s going to go down.” The reality star has a good feeling this will be her year to find a man.

Love Island already revealed the first 11 islanders who will join the villa. The show will kick off on Monday, June 6 on ITV2. The first episode is one hour and a half long. What are your thoughts on Amber’s bold demand? Sound off below in the comment section.

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