Farrah Abraham Gets Steamy With Mystery Man In Deleted Video [MTV | YouTube]

Farrah Abraham Gets Steamy With Mystery Man In Deleted Video

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Farrah Abraham got steamy with a mystery man in a now-deleted video. Fans slammed the Teen Mom alum for her “nasty PDA” She showed herself having a good time with her new man this weekend. However, the two were doing too much when it came to expressing their love.

The 31-year-old was caught with her new boyfriend in Hollywood. On Friday, June 3, she shared how intimate the two already are. Farrah was photographed sitting on his lap. She wore an emerald green silk maxi dress while her man was dressed in head-toe-black. At one point, Farrah made out with the unknown man in plain view of everyone.

Farrah Abraham Slammed For PDA [YouTube]

Farrah Abraham sticks tongue down mystery man’s throat

In the new photos published via The Sun, the former MTV star had a good time with her guy. She sat on his lap and looked at him. Then, Farrah Abraham got up and bent over her new guy. She kissed him and stuck her tongue down his throat. Check out the paparazzi photos for yourself at the source here.

The two displayed their over-the-top PDA after their date at the sushi restaurant, Yamashiro. The Teen Mom OG alum showed off her curves in the body-hugging dress, which she paired with yellow open-toed shoes. Farrah Abraham held her phone as they walked through the parking lot. She held onto her boyfriend’s hand with the other.

Farrah Abraham Kisses Mystery Man [Dr. Phil | YouTube]
[Dr. Phil | YouTube]
Farrah was all smiles during the latest sighting. When they showed up at the venue, she stayed close to him as she put her hand on her back. Farrah claimed her man in public. When they weren’t eating lunch, they made out on an outside bench. Instead of sitting next to him, she sat on his lap.

The television personality got up and faced him to make out with him. A fan saved the now-deleted video of Farrah Abraham’s makeout session with her man and shared it on Reddit. You can see the video for yourself below. She later removed the racy video from her Instagram Stories.

Teen Mom OG alum slammed for over-the-top PDA

Farrah Abraham made sure the camera stayed on them throughout their makeout session. The two were exploring the city together. However, they couldn’t keep their lips off each other. Fans slammed Farrah for their over-the-top PDA session.

  • “I can’t even imagine how disgustingly sloppy and wet that was.  She probably pulled away with ropes of spit coming from her mouth.”
  • “This is so unnatural and cringe. Yuck. This is totally awkward to watch.”
  • “What the f*** is this?”

Other fans were concerned about Farrah Abraham’s 13-year-old daughter Sophia. They wanted to know where she was. This comes after Farrah celebrated her 31st birthday in Hawaii with Sophia. A few years ago, she was slammed for leaving her daughter at home and vacationing with an ex.

What are your thoughts on Farrah Abraham’s makeout session with her mystery man? Do you agree that it’s too much? Do you think it’s normal to do that in public? Sound off below in the comment section.

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