‘LPBW’: Tori Confirms Lilah Speech Delayed & Possible Ear Problems?

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LPBW star Tori Roloff reveals details about Lilah’s speech delayed and possible ear problems. What’s going on with the little starlet? Keep reading for all the latest details.

Lilah Roloff’s latest milestone makes her mom ’emotional’

Even though Zach and Tori Roloff just welcomed another child into their family, Lilah Roloff will always be their baby. As babies grow older and hit milestone after milestone, it can be emotional for their mom as pride mixes with disbelief. 

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Tori and Lilah Roloff/Credit: TLC YouTube

And Tori is no exception to that. She shared on social media recently about her daughter Lilah’s latest milestone. The two-year-old will turn 3 later this year, meaning she’s at the target age for potty training.

It seems Lilah is doing a good job learning but the entire situation has her mom feeling ’emotional.’ Click here to see the cutest video of the little girl’s latest feat.

Tori confirms Lilah’s speech is delayed?

At 2, Lilah Roloff is also beginning to talk. However, it seems she might be behind the curve compared to others her age. Tori Roloff recently opened up her Instagram DMs for a Q&A session with her followers.

She received several questions about her daughter, including one follower asking if Lilah is “starting to talk a lot now.”

Tori said that Lilah “communicates really effectively.” However, she does notice some speech delays. The LPBW star shares that the tot is “making progress,” which her pediatrician ‘wants to see.”

The mom-of-three did admit that sometimes it’s a struggle to get Jackson, 5, NOT to speak for his little sister. Fans may recall that Jackson himself once faced speech issues when he was around Lilah’s age.

Tori Roloff also shared a possible reason why Lilah’s speech is delayed.

Could the LPBW tot suffer from ear problems?

In the same response about Lilah’s speech, Tori Roloff revealed a possible cause. She wrote that her daughter has “water behind her eardrum” that may be contributing to the speech delay.

Otitis media with effusion is the medical term for the ailment.

A medical study about achondroplasia concluded that otitis media is common among patients with dwarfism.

Tori Roloff also let fans know that they work with Lilah on her speech daily.

Credit: Tori Roloff Instagram

Share your experience in the comments below about your children having speech delays.

New episodes of the new season of LPBW air Tuesday nights on TLC. Subscribers of discovery+ can access the episode early on the streaming platform.

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  1. When my Nephew was Lilah’s age, even younger, he too wasn’t talking yet. I just kept telling people that he’ll talk when he’s ready to, then ‘look out’! True enough, when he was four, he took off talking & hasn’t stopped since!!! LOL😁

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