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‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Real Patient Gives Inside Scoop On Dr. Now’s Practice?

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My 600-Lb. Life has been one of TLC’s most popular shows since it first aired back in 2012. Since the show debuted, viewers have had the chance to watch people weighing near or over 600 lbs try to get on the right track to health and wellness.

But what does an appointment with Dr. Now look like for someone who isn’t part of the show? Keep reading to see what one Reddit user had to say.

A Reddit user meets with the famous My 600-Lb. Life star, Dr. Now

Dr. Now is a pretty important part of the My 600-Lb. Life universe. But he’s also a practicing physician and takes on patients who don’t appear on the show. One Reddit user was more than happy to share their experience online.

“I just had an appointment with Dr. Now!” the original Reddit poster titled their post. “I’m in Austin and have been considering getting the sleeve….I figured why not, Houston is only about 3 hours away. At least I know he’s had lots of experience doing the procedure!”

The Reddit user goes on to say that the initial appointment was a lot like what viewers see on their TV screens. They report that Dr. Now asked about their eating habits. The user confesses to being an emotional eater and Dr. Now advised them to get that under control first before thinking about surgery.

Dr. Now/Instagram

“One interesting thing I found in my pre-paperwork – if you do enroll in his program to get the surgery, you have to agree to go to a support group that meets in his office once a month for 2 years,” the user continued. “So I guess he does try to help people stick with it long-term.”

The user provided a few updates and said that they would be getting lab work done before continuing with surgery plans. The rest of the Reddit thread left words of support and encouragement for the poster.

Is there a future for the popular medical TLC show?

Although My 600-Lb. Life is one of TLC’s most popular shows, many wonder if the show will be back for another season. TV Shows Ace had the chance to speak with a participant with the show who says everything is in limbo right now.

Dr. Now and My 600-Lb. Life production both received numerous lawsuits over the years. TLC doesn’t really look favorably upon that and it’s now unknown if the show will continue production or not. Right now, it seems like Dr. Now may be out at the network, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the show will stop. Keep in mind that there are plenty of other bariatric doctors involved with TLC, like Dr. Eric Smith.

Only time will tell what happens next. For now, follow TV Shows Ace online for the latest information on My 600-Lb. Life and other TLC shows.

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  1. Dr.Now is amazing doctor and he knows what he is doing
    Who ever gotten rid of this amazing doctor is a fool
    people couldn’t handle this doctor because he was telling them the truth .,. Please bring Dr. Now back to TLC

    1. I have watched every episode and especially Steven Assanti episodes. I’m from Rhode Island and I think Dr. Now is an awesome dr and he is more than fair. I enjoy watching the 600 life. Because people have passed away its not the Dr.s fault. Please don’t cancel the show he has helped so many.

  2. Yes I agree bring Doctor Now back, I love to watch him and the way he helped people back to health, if you did what he wanted you to do you got a new life only stubborn people never achieved there goal.

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