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Katie Bates & Travis Clark’s Irresponsible Decision Leaves Fans Furious

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Bringing Up Bates stars Katie Bates and Travis Clark recently shared with fans that they have made a big decision. And in response, they are dealing with angry fans. Their followers are now calling them irresponsible. So, what did Katie and Travis do that has led to such a negative reaction?

Katie Bates, Travis Clark, YouTube

Katie Bates & Travis Clark share their latest choice with fans.

In a new YouTube video, which premiered on Thursday, June 2, Katie and Travis made an announcement to fans. They revealed that their Goldendoodle, Remi, is going to have a litter of puppies. They shared about the dog’s recent trip to the vet, sharing that she looked great health-wise. So, the vet gave them the go-ahead to breed her.

Right now, Katie Bates is hoping to keep one of the puppies while finding homes for the rest of them.

Though the couple seems to be pretty excited about this, their fans are not happy.

Katie Bates YouTube

Bringing Up Bates fans are furious over this move.

After watching Katie Bates and Travis Clark’s new video, fans took to Reddit to discuss their irresponsible decision. Viewers wish that the couple wouldn’t have chosen to breed their dog when there are thousands of animals in shelters waiting to be adopted. Plus, animals are being euthanized in shelters due to a lack of space.

So, fans are angry that Travis and Katie would purposely add more dogs to the world when there are already ones looking for homes.

One fan says, “I know that it’s none of my business, but there are SO MANY homeless cats and dogs in the world : (”

Someone else adds that they get “judgey” about people breeding their pets, adding that there are “too many animals already in need.”

Katie and Travis’ dog is going to have puppies from BringingUpBates

Others are hopeful that Katie Bates and Travis Clark don’t continue to breed Remi just to make money. Someone says, “I hope they don’t continue to breed the poor dear just to sell her babies. One time is one thing especially if you want to keep one or two but I hope they don’t try to make it into an income thing.”

Viewers in the comments section of the couple’s YouTube video chimed in, too. One fan says, “Please get your dog spayed after this. Think of all the dogs in shelters that are competing for homes.”

Another calls the idea “crazy,” writing, “There’s plenty of dogs in need of homes. Why bring more into this world?”

So, do you agree with fans who think that Katie and Travis shouldn’t be breeding their dog? Or do you think it’s okay? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Bates family updates.

You can check out Katie Bates and Travis Clark’s new YouTube video below.

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