Below Deck Magda Ziomek Busts Out In Black Peekaboo Bikini [Magda Ziomek | Instagram]

‘Below Deck’ Magda Ziomek Busts Out In Black Peekaboo Bikini

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Below Deck Down Under alum Magda Ziomek busted out of her black peekaboo bikini. This comes after the third stew was fired on the latest episode of the Peacock original. Magda struggled with her job from the beginning. She was distracted by her phone, which she always had on her during work.

Magda constantly texted her Polish boyfriend. She admitted that there were trust issues in their relationship. The two only dated for a few months but she claimed they were in love. Magda wanted to ensure her boyfriend that she wasn’t fooling around and that he wasn’t either.

Below Deck Tumi & Magda [Peacock]

New episode of Below Deck Down Under blasts off with firings

The Thursday, June 2 episode of Below Deck Down Under blasted off with some heavy firings. Captain Jason Chambers called Magda Ziomek to the bridge. He told Madga that her performance wasn’t up to his standards. She dragged down the interior with her distractions and mistakes.

It took chief stew Aesha Scott a long time to fire Magda. Since she was new at her job, she didn’t know how to go about it. Aesha isn’t used to flexing her authority. She wanted to give Magda a chance, but she grew worse with each passing charter.

Below Deck Magda Ziomek Leaves Boat [Peacock]
Plus, most of the work was left up to second stew Tumi Mhlongo. Aesha consulted with Tumi and Jason before deciding to let Magda go. She informed Jason that she made her decision, and so he followed through with the firing. Magda was still on the boat in the latest episode.

She packed up while Jason also fired Chef Ryan McKeown for his lackluster work ethic and poor attitude. While Magda was in tears, Ryan didn’t care that he lost his job. He made rude comments to Jason. He also took his time and muttered inappropriate words under his breath. Luckily, Jason heard Ryan and had him immediately removed from the boat.

Meanwhile, Magda finally gathered her things together and said her goodbyes. In her confessional, she admitted regret over not doing her job well. She understood that she was distracted by her relationship. Her hope was to get that resolved once she got back on land.

Magda Ziomek busts out in peekaboo bikini

Before the latest Below Deck Down Under episode, Magda Ziomek let it all hang out on Instagram. The Polish model put her taut abs on display in a peekaboo bikini that showed side boob and underboob. Magda posed confidently in the black cut-out two-piece with her friend.

She made sure that her toned abs were also on display. Her bikini top featured cut-outs that kept her nipples covered while showing off her cleavage. She paired the look with tiny bottoms that barely covered the important parts. Magda posed next to her friend, who wore a barely-there micro-string bikini that was worn inappropriately.

Magda Ziomek Wears Peeakaboo Bikini With Friend [Magda Ziomek | Instagram]
[Magda Ziomek | Instagram]
“#blondeshavemorefun 🏄🏼‍♀️🏄🏼‍♀️,” the Below Deck alum captioned the post.

Some of the Below Deck fans took to the comment section to share their thoughts. One said they were envious of her body while another had a girl crush. Shockingly enough, the rest of the comments were from male followers. Magda didn’t get any comments from her former Below Deck Down Under crew members.

However, she’s still in touch with one of them. Boatswain Jami Sayed says he met up with Magda after filming. What are your thoughts on Magda’s firing from Below Deck Down Under? What do you think of her bikini photo? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Below Deck Down Under stream on Thursdays on Peacock.

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