‘Unexpected’ Myrka Cantù Shares ‘Mental’ Reason She Didn’t Graduate


Former Unexpected star Myrka Cantu was not happy when she could not walk at her high school graduation. The single mother of Attalie did not give a reason for why she stayed home. She has been dealing with a lot over the last month but now she is sharing why she did not walk.

Myrka’s Unexpected Ups And Downs

Viewers met Myrka in Season 4 of the hit reality series. She found out she was pregnant at the age of fifteen but instead of her mother being supportive, she threw Myrka out. So Myrka moved in with her boyfriend, Ethan Ybarra’s family. They helped her through the pregnancy but her mom did come to see her after her daughter, Attalie was born. Unfortunately, she was not helpful so Myrka and Ethan continued doing the best they could. Unfortunately, his parents soon split up leaving the teens on their own to find new housing. Eventually, the relationship fell apart and Myrka put his family on blast. This included Ethan and his lack of parenting skills.


She claimed he did not pay for their daughter and was never around. In return, he alleged that he was always working, at times he did not have a car, and Myrka lived at a distance. It continued to be a struggle but she did reconcile with her mom. Recently, it came out that Ethan impregnated a twenty-three-year-old. Both Myrka and her mother, Liliana dragged him through the mud feeling he could not even take care of one child. Sadly, there was more going on in the teen mother’s personal life that she was dealing with.

Putting It All Out There

Myrka has no problem sharing her issues and what she is going through with her followers. Aside from the Ethan/baby mama drama, she had more going on. Last month, she posted that she could not afford a prom dress. She added it was just another senior event that she would be missing. Fans felt she had options, she just was not utilizing them and Myrka did end up going to the prom. Following this, Myrka posted that she was supposed to walk with her class. She was holding up her middle finger and was visibly frustrated.


The problem was she did not explain why she did not walk with her senior class as she shared the news in her Instagram story. Now, the teenager is shedding light on why she stayed behind. Apparently, it was actually her choice. She was dealing with some things mentally and admitted that she self-sabotages. Therefore, she sadly missed walking. Hopefully, she is feeling better and is able to find the support she needs.

Are you surprised by why she missed out on her graduation? Let us know and watch the Unexpected tell-all Sunday on TLC.

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