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‘Survivor’ 42: A First Look At The Unseen Ponderosa Has Been Released

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The Survivor production team made a controversial decision for the behind-the-scenes of Season 42. That decision was to not release any Ponderosa footage with each new elimination. For anyone who’s unaware, Ponderosa is the name of the place where jury contestants go after elimination. Only players who make it to the jury, since they can’t have full contact with the outside world until after final tribal council.

It’s been a tradition for a long time now to have Ponderosa footage for each new member of the jury. It’s a way for superfans to see how each jury member reacts in the long term to their game ending. It can reveal a lot about the differences between these people when they’re playing the game and when they’re not. Nothing has come out from Ponderosa in Season 42, until now.

The First Look At Ponderosa 42

The Survivor 42 players who had to spend time in Ponderosa apparently got some of their photos recently. Several Twitter accounts have been posting the pictures they took with a camera production gave them to document their Ponderosa experience. Apparently, it’s what production ultimately decided to do in lieu of doing Ponderosa videos like they normally do.

survivor 42 ponderosa chanelle, tori, and hai
Chanelle, Tori, and Hai relaxing in Ponderosa

This is a photo of Ponderosa that Hai shared on his Twitter yesterday.

survivor 42 ponderosa lindsey, chanelle, omar, rocksroy
Omar, Rocksroy, Lindsay, and Chanelle in Ponderosa

And here’s a photo that Chanelle put up on her Twitter just this morning.

Apparently, all of the jury contestants got their Ponderosa photos recently. Whether or not any of them will share any more moments is entirely up to each individual. These photos aren’t as insightful as the footage that shows us each player’s journey into accepting their elimination. But that doesn’t mean they’re not still a lot of fun to look at. A huge reason that Season 42 is so great is because of the amazing cast. Their energy and camaraderie is wonderful, and seeing that translate to Ponderosa is a lot of fun.

The Future Of Ponderosa In Survivor

Ponderosa’s future in Survivor is uncertain at the moment. Obviously, Ponderosa will always be there. But whether or not we’ll continue to get to see what goes on there is a question mark. Fans clearly want to see what’s going on there. So with enough outcry, production will hopefully decide to bring it back. Whether or not we get the return of Ponderosa footage in Season 43 or not is, at this time, unclear.

If you want to see even more Ponderosa photos, check out all of the players’ social media accounts. Hai and Chanelle have a lot of photos up right now. Presumably even more will be coming over the next few days.

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