‘RHOBH’ Fans Take Dig At Sutton Stracke’s UGLY Expensive Red Dress

RHOBH Fans Take Dig At Sutton Stracke's Ugly Expensive Red Dress [Bravo | YouTube]

Sutton Stracke unveiled her latest look on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, fans think she has an uncanny sense of style. Some of them took to Twitter to take a swipe at her “ugly” expensive red dress. Sutton rocked a couture red dress at her latest gathering, which caused its share of drama.

It came with a shocking price tag. The little red number cost $17,000. On Wednesday’s episode of RHOBH, the 50-year-old held a party in honor of Parisian couture at her new store in Los Angeles. Sutton wore a dress from French designer Alexis Mabille. Learn all about the garment, including the backlash.

Sutton Stracke RHOBH Confessional Look [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

Sutton Strack’s ugly dress has a high price tag

Sutton Stracke wanted something unique for the event. She wore a red dress that was like two dresses in one. From the back, it looked like a backward blazer with gold buttons. From the front, it looked like a regular red dress, which featured a bow on the neckline and flared sleeves.

Even Sutton’s co-star Kyle Richards took one look at her and said, “Your dress is on backward.” Sutton Stracke fired back: “This is couture.” However, Kyle felt that the dress was ugly. So did RHOBH viewers, who took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Sutton Stracke's Ugly Red Dress [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
Sutton Stracke finished off her look with black pumps and red lipstick. Her blonde hair was worn in soft waves. She felt good about her look as she wanted to use her new store to honor Parisian designers. Other expensive items arrived at the store, including a $3,155 dress that featured a pink floral waistcoat front and a $4,060 satin gown.

Fans haven’t liked Sutton Stracke’s fashion sense ever since she first appeared on the show in Season 10. She wears very expensive designer clothing. Yet, fans don’t care who makes it. They argue that her personal style is still ugly.

  • “Absolutely hate the backward dress Sutton has on.”
  • “Sutton’s dress is ghastly and I don’t care if it’s couture.”
  • “Seriously, Sutton consistently wears the worst clothes I’ve ever seen on anyone in this show ever! I don’t care whether it’s couture or not.”
Sutton Stracke's Red Dress From The Back [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

RHOBH star gets backlash

Sutton Stracke is feuding once again with her new friend Crystal Kung Minkoff. For some reason, the Georgia native hasn’t been a hit with fans this season. Even though they loved her approach to Erik Jayne’s embezzlement case last year, they’re getting sick of Sutton’s mean girl comments.

“Sutton is so tone-deaf, socially inept, and culturally ignorant it is mind-numbing,” one fan noted.

“Sutton is a snake. She’s privileged fragility wrapped in self-righteousness and sneakiness,” another added.

Ever since Sutton Stracke became a full-time cast member in 2021, she has brought the drama. She also continues to feud with Erika Jayne over her lawsuit stemming from her divorce from her husband Tom Girardi. Once again, she will have a riff with Crystal about what happened during the girl’s trip last year.

What are your thoughts on Sutton Strack’s style? Do you agree that it’s ugly? Did you like her red dress? Sound off below in the comment section.

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