‘Return To Amish’: Mama Mary Schmucker Cancer UPDATE


Former Return to Amish matriarch Mama Mary Schmucker has had a rough time with her health. Back in April, she revealed she had been diagnosed with colon cancer. Now, the ex-reality star is giving an update on where she stands in her battle to get better.

Mary Schmucker, The Heart Of Return To Amish 

When the cast of the popular TLC reality series was struggling to figure out where they belonged, one person was always by their side. Mary Schmucker was the mother some desperately needed and the actual birth mother of others. She started on the main series, Breaking Amish then came back for RTA. It was all about young members of the Amish and Mennonite community trying to figure out if they wanted to stay in the English world. For some, that was a scary concept as they could get excommunicated from their families and everything that they ever knew. Mary never made them feel bad about their choices and aimed to mentor them down the right path. After all, she had been excommunicated, as well.



One of the main cast members she had grown particularly close with was Jeremiah Raber. They had this very special bond that could not be shaken. Sadly, by Season 5, Mary wanted to go to her daughter’s wedding. This meant she would be rejoining the church and leaving the show which was a devasting blow for her fans. However, it was understandable and Grandma Ada attempted to fill her shoes. There were still updates on Mary. In November 2021, she was allegedly in the ICU with many unanswered questions and worried followers. She was soon seen recovering with her son and daughter-in-law but that did not last long.

Where She Stands

A few short months ago, Mary gave an update on her health. The former Return to Amish star shared she had colon cancer and was scheduled for surgery. Fans were devastated and prayers came pouring in. Now, two months later, the beloved matriarch has an update, according to Starcasm. In May, she shared that she was “alive and much better” during an Instagram live. Unfortunately, she added that the cancer had spread: “I had colon cancer. They said they did take everything out. Then yesterday the doctor called and said it’s in my glands.” She admitted she was struggling to process this news as anyone would.


Not knowing exactly what the future held, Mary admitted she would like to start traveling but shared her bank account was not exactly flowing over. More so, she shared she was scared of chemo and anything of that nature so she was just going to ride the wave. She did admit she would love to come back to the show. Finally, she confessed leaving the Amish would make her really happy. Thoughts and prayers are with our beloved Mama Mary that she is cured and finds all the health and happiness in the world.

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