Chase Chrisley’s Girl Emmy Medders Pays Sweet Tribute To Him

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Emmy Medders has style, she always looks well put together. That’s especially true when she’s posting a tribute to her man Chase Chrisley. Emmy and Chase made their relationship public knowledge in the summer of 2020. She even appeared on an episode of Chrisley Knows Best. The two often shared pictures on their social media accounts and Chase bought an engagement ring.

As we reported the two split up for a little while. When Chase was asked about the ring he said he didn’t have it anymore. He said, “Emmy and I are actually not even dating anymore.” Now the two have been back together since she posted a new picture in April and fans are thrilled.

Emmy Medders, Instagram
Emmy Medders, Instagram

For his birthday Emmy shared a lot of videos and pictures of the two of them living life to the fullest. There are a lot of vacation pictures by the beach and on boats. The two make an adorable couple.

What All Did Emmy Medders Include In The Sweet Tribute?

Emmy Medders shared videos of the couple doing lots of different things including feeding parrots and jumping into the ocean. She captioned the video, “Happy Birthday,” and tagged Chase. Chase replied saying, “love you,” with a blue heart. The reality star turned twenty-six on June 1st.

He recently said he wanted to focus on real estate as he grew up around it and it’s ingrained in him. Chase is already successful with his candle business, something he’s very proud of.

Emmy Medders, Instagram
Emmy Medders, Instagram

Fans And Family Also Wished Him A Happy Birthday

Emmy Medders’ birthday message got a lot of love. Savannah Chrisley said, “I love ya’ll.” One fan commented, “This is truly lovely and I am so happy you both found each other.” One fan commented on another photo of the two of them kissing, “omg yall are back together now way love love love. Now your sister needs to get back with [Nic Kerdiles]” Fans really still love Savannah and Nic together, but they’ve moved on from that time in their lives.

Another joked, “I’m glad you guys got back together Who cares if she looks like your mom. Love is love.” People in the comments were also telling them to get engaged. Julie Chrisley knew Chase had purchased an engagement ring, but she wasn’t on board with his plans to propose. She didn’t think he was ready for marriage. Julie said his brain was still developing and he needed to hold off. Now that they’re back together, maybe he’s heeding her advice. 

What do you think of all the cute videos? Comment with your thoughts down below. As always, come back to TV Shows Ace, for all the Chrisley Knows Best news.

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