Mama June Ordered To Pay BIG Money For Child Support

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Mama June is a newlywed and has two new grandchildren. This should be a time to celebrate but she has also lost something very important to her. With that comes a loss of money and the exposure of her financials all at once.

Mama June, Time To Pay

It has been a few years since Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird became her sister Alana’s guardian. This all occurred because their mother, June Shannon could no longer take care of Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson. She had started dating Geno Doak after her long-term relationship with Alana’s father, Sugar Bear came to an end. All seemed super happy at the start but went down a bad road of drugs and an eventual arrest. The best option for Alana was to live with Pumpkin and her husband Josh Efird. Eventually, June entered rehab and cleaned up her life though she was still with Geno. She wanted to make it right with her girls but it took some time. Eventually, she admitted that Geno was still drinking and abusive when he did so.


Ultimately, she left him and returned to her girls as seen on their show Mama June: Road to Redemption. By then, Pumpkin had toddler Ella and a newborn, Bentley. Fast forward to May 2022 and it was announced that Pumpkin had welcomed twins, a boy, and a girl. The following day, news broke that June had married her boyfriend, Justin Stroud back in March. Now, it’s been confirmed that Pumpkin was granted sole custody of Alana back in April. Now, June must pay child support starting May 1st and because of this, all of her financials were revealed. So, what does she make? It’s not too shabby.

What’s Your Worth?

According to The Sun, Mama June must pay $800/month in child support to Pumpkin. Sugar Bear is not listed as being financially responsible for Alana at this point. It only goes until Alana turns eighteen in August 2023. Since the documents were leaked, June’s financials were also put out there. Apparently, her gross monthly income is roughly 25K. Per the judge: “While this is her current income, this amount is uncertain as it depends on production and endorsements and at this time, the show has not been renewed for a new season.”


It was followed up by: “Her only certain income is disability of $1,050 a month. Therefore, the defendant is receiving a deviation of $1,228.93 as the parties agreed that this is in the best interest of the minor child.” It has been acknowledged that Pumpkin has been Alana’s guardian since April 2019. This is great to see that Alana will have continued stability while Pumpkin will get compensated for taking on a role she never intended. That is a true family.

What do you think of the judgment and are you shocked by June’s income? Let us know and watch Mama June: Road to Redemption Fridays on WeTV.

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  1. Should have to pay back support as well anybody else who abandoned a child would have to pay from the date of abandonment m

    1. I agree with you Martha! Let’s not forget that she wanted to move in with Pumpkin too. I wonder if she still wants to do that since she’s married. She gets more in disability than I do, and I rent my own place. Maybe we’ll find out something when it comes on TV tomorrow night.

    2. What I don’t understand is why sugar bear don’t have to pay child support that’s the father the mother and the father should have to pay child support she only went out to June because she knew June had money she ain’t going out to Sugar Bear but that don’t matter if sugar bear got money or not he’s obligated to pay child support cuz Alana is his daughter

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