Lindsie Chrisley Talks Of Love & Dedication In Defense Of Dad?

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Is the feud between Lindsie Chrisley and her dad over? While the two have had a previously rocky relationship, she’s telling a different story on the stand during Todd Chrisley’s federal trial. Here’s what she had to say in court.

Lindsie Chrisley Changes Her Story

Todd and his wife Julie are being federally prosecuted for tax evasion and conspiracy to defraud banks. The pair eventually filed for bankruptcy, leaving them $20 million in debt. However, they allegedly continued to hide money from the federal government.

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Lindsie had previously accused her dad of harassing her and trying to exploit her. In fact, she reached out to the FBI for help with getting a restraining order against her father. Just two years ago, she said this when asked about her relationship with Todd Chrisley, “I am in no way, shape, or form connected to this monster.”

She was called to the stand during Todd and Julie’s trial, but Lindsie changed her tune. At the time of the alleged fraud, Lindsie told the jury he was all about his kids and his wife, in that order. Prosecutors weren’t buying it though. As mentioned above, Lindsie has been relatively public about her poor relationship with her dad.

They pushed Lindsie to open up about the other side of their relationship. The prosecution also submitted emails from Lindsie to the FBI regarding the restraining order against her father. Judge Eleanor Ross is presiding over the trial. She informed Lindsie that she wasn’t doing anyone any favors by not telling the truth.

What She’s Saying About Todd Chrisley Now

That didn’t prompt her to change anything about her testimony though. On Thursday, Lindsie told the court that she didn’t believe her dad had anything to do with the extortion attempt that “ruined” her life. Not only did she backtrack everything she’s said about Todd thus far, she even went on to defend him and got combative with prosecutors.

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When Todd’s ex-business partner came up Lindsie said she believed he has a “Napoleon complex,” citing times when Mark Braddock would use her dad’s personal email account and instant messaging when he wasn’t in the office. She also said that she always felt Braddock hated her and her siblings. Any time she was in the office, he was rude, Lindsie said. Many witnesses for the defense have testified that Braddock was often hard to work with and even belittled people working with him.

The story between Lindsie and Braddock goes deeper. He tried to blackmail her when she was 19 or 20 years old with photos of her and her boyfriend in bed. Eventually, she quit working with her dad after Braddock told her a rumor that her dad was having an affair with his assistant.

After she quit working with the company, she returned everything her father gave her, including a paid-for apartment, and tried to make it on her own. Lindsie cut ties with her dad, only to later find out there was never an affair, to begin with.

Lindsie Chrisley says she and the rest of her family are now “co-existing.” She said, “I have their grandchild.” So, it seems she and Todd have mended their relationship, at least for the time being.

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