Is Michelle Young Leaving Teaching Behind?

Michelle Young hasn’t been quiet about how she feels when the media or fans try to nose into her relationship. She recently told her Instagram followers, that she and Nayte aren’t a “zoo exhibit.” Someone had filmed her without an engagement ring and she said it was the moment a friend tried it on. She went on to say, it was creepy that someone filmed her without her knowing.

While she doesn’t want to talk about her relationship, there is one thing she loves to talk about, teaching. Now, she’s starting to think there might be another way she can make a difference. Michelle’s Instagram platform has grown to over seven hundred and seventy-five thousand followers. Bachelor Nation fell in love with Michelle on Matt James’ season when she came in later than some of the other girls and ended up being in the final three.

What Change Is Michelle Young Looking To Make?

Michelle Young has been thinking big picture lately. She’ll soon be planning a dream wedding to a dream guy, and now she has more reach than she used to. According to Bachelor Nation, she talked all about what’s next for her on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast.

Michelle Young, Instagram
Michelle Young, Instagram

Michelle said she talked to a co-worker about the past couple of years. Covid was hard on lots of people, but teachers dealt with some considerable challenges. She said they realized survival mode had lasted for two years.

Young said she’s, “just been flying by the seat of her pants.” She went on to say she’s not been living but in survival mode. Now, she thinks she can use her platform to make a difference in the whole education system. She said for now she’s going to step out of the classroom. Michelle said, “there’s so much going on in our education system.”

Will She Be Coming Back?

Michelle Young said it doesn’t mean she’s out of the education game forever. She said, “this doesn’t mean I’m never going to step back into the classroom.” She also said it didn’t mean she wasn’t going to keep working on her master’s in administration. Young said that may lead to her getting back into education directly.

She said she wants to push for change. Being in her classroom under immense pressure from the pandemic among other factors showed her, that “something has to be done.” Right now Michelle feels like she can make a bigger difference outside of the classroom, but her students are for sure going to miss her.

What do you think about Michelle using her platform to help fellow teachers and better the education system? Comment with your thoughts down below. As always come back to TV Shows Ace for all things Bachelorette. 

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