Are Michelle Young, Nayte Olukoya Over? She Responds To Rumors

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Every couple on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette faces rumors that they have split. It seems to happen to them all anytime they are apart. Some end up being true. Some end up being just a rumor. Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya are one couple who is constantly being watched by fans. So, rumors are flying once again that there is trouble in paradise for Michelle and Nayte. Now, she’s speaking out and giving everyone the scoop on if they are over.

Michelle Young speaks out about her relationship with Nayte

Michelle went to Instagram to share what she had to say about the rumors flying around that she and Nayte broke up. The rumors flared up again after Michelle was spotted on a rooftop without her engagement ring on.

The Bachelorette caught wind of the rumors and spoke out. She noted that she normally doesn’t respond to these things. However, since she was receiving so many messages about the video circulating she wanted to address it.

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Michelle went on to say that the video did capture her without her engagement ring on. But, she continued saying that surely they saw the moment when her close friend took her engagement ring briefly to try on. The ring was then slipped back on her finger.

So, the rumors are reportedly false. These two lovebirds are still together. She also wanted to remind fans that she and Nayte are not a “zoo exhibit.” Michelle also noted that it was simply “creepy” that someone would video her without her knowing.

Nayte also spoke subtly about the rumors

Nayte went to TikTok to say he is always being asked where his fiance is. Fans want to know the physical location of where she is when they are not together.

He said, “Where is Michelle? Where is she? Why aren’t you with her?” He continued, “Like, physical location—where is she? Where is Michelle, Nayte?!”

Their relationship

Michelle and Nayte met during her time as The Bachelorette. He was even her first impression rose winner. He continued to impress her throughout the season.

They fell in love and in the finale he proposed. The two have been together ever since. However, they are still doing the long-distance relationship thing.

They are trying to figure out where they want to live and other details before taking that next big step. So far wedding planning has not begun.

What do you think about this adorable couple? Will they make it?


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