Lifetime’s ‘Deadly Yoga Retreat’ Stars Jonathan Bennett, Danielle C. Ryan

Deadly Yoga Retreat, used with Lifetime permission

Lifetime’s Deadly Yoga Retreat is a thriller starring Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls, The Christmas House), and Danielle C. Ryan (Mistletoe Mixup, His Deadly Affair).

Only in a Lifetime movie does a peaceful, Hawaiian yoga retreat mean danger, and even murder! Here are all the details.

What Is Lifetime’s Deadly Yoga Retreat About?

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Isabella’s (Ryan) marriage is falling apart. Moreover, she believes that she needs to do something to keep her and her husband, Patrick, together.

Serendipitously, Isabella gets an invitation. It is an exclusive Hawaiian yoga retreat. This retreat is run by none other than the famous yoga guru Remy Morrow (Bennett).

Moreover, Patrick thinks this is a good idea for Isabella. He gently suggests she go to Hawaii, enjoy this meditative yoga retreat, and find herself.

Patrick believes that this time apart can help them both figure things out. Isabella really needs time to center herself, and this is the perfect opportunity.

He believes this is a natural reset, and Isabella can find herself, and improve their life together.

However, when Isabella arrives in paradise, she soon discovers the retreat is not what it seems. This is no holistic journey! In addition, Remy is not the healing yogi that she imagined.

Now, Isabella is put on the ultimate test. She must emotionally and physically survive this psychopath who is systematically stalking and killing the retreat guests.

Worst of all, this paradise becomes hell on earth when Remy sets his sights on Isabella!

When Can You Watch Deadly Yoga Retreat?

The premiere of Deadly Yoga Retreat is on Sunday, June 5, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime.

Buried In Barstow, used with Lifetime permission
Buried In Barstow, used with Lifetime permission

Don’t Miss Lifetime’s Buried In Barstow Starring Angie Harmon

Immediately after Deadly Yoga Retreat, Lifetime is airing Buried In Barstow at 10:03 p.m., Eastern. This movie stars Angie Harmon (Rizzoli & Isles), Lauren Richards (Venom), and Kristoffer Polaha (A Dickens Of A Holiday!).

According to the Lifetime synopsis, when Hazel King (Harmon) was only 15, she was on the streets of Las Vegas and turned into an expert hit woman. However, that career ended when she became a mother.

It is over a decade later, and now Hazel is living in Barstow, California, and owns a BBQ diner. She has managed to shield her daughter from the bad actors around and help out those who cannot help themselves.

However, she still has to fulfill one last task. She is obligated. Now, her daughter is just beginning to learn what her mother is capable of doing.

Add one more complication. A stranger, Elliot (Polaha) comes into town. Hazel now tries to balance a love life, with raising her daughter, fulfilling that one last favor.

Can she make it happen without her whole life imploding?

Don’t miss the premiere of Deadly Yoga Retreat on Sunday, June 5, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime. Right after, don’t miss Buried In Barstow.

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