Jeopardy! Fans Refuse To Watch Humble Ryan Long, Why? [Jeopardy | YouTube]

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Refuse To Watch Humble Ryan Long, Why?


Jeopardy! fans admit they refuse to watch humble Ryan Long. The rideshare driver from Philadelphia, PA is the current champ on the quiz show. So far, he’s won 11 consecutive games. He’s on his way to breaking new records as he continues to make big wagers.

However, some are disappointed with Ryan’s takeover. They think he has an unfair disadvantage over his fellow contestants. Host Ken Jennings just revealed that it’s must-see TV. He broke his silence on the game show ever since he announced his departure earlier this month.

Jeopardy Contestant Ryan Long [Jeopardy | YouTube]
[Jeopardy | YouTube]

Ken Jennings supports champ, Ryan Long

On Monday, May 30, Jeopardy! alum Ken Jennings shared his thoughts about Ryan Long. He broke his silence since he announced his departure from the game show. Jennings has shared his travels around the country. However, he’s fascinated with Ryan Long’s current reign.

Jennings shared an original tweet from Jeopardy! that reads, “Will Ryan Long join the Leaderboard of Legends tonight?”

Jeopardy! Ken Jennings Hypes Ryan Long [Jeopardy | YouTube]
[Jeopardy | YouTube]
The clip shows an episode of Jeopardy! from Friday, May 27. The camera pans over to Ryan. Then it cuts over to fellow host Mayim Bialik, who says:

“It was an exciting end to Friday’s game as our champion, Ryan Long, came from behind in Final Jeopardy! to secure his 11th straight victory. With a win today, he could find himself on our Jeopardy! Leaderboard of Legends, titled for 10th place all-time for most consecutive games won in regular-season play. It’s quite remarkable that Ryan could be our 4th player this season alone to reach that milestone.”

“If you haven’t been watching @Jeopardy the last couple of weeks, you’re missing a heck of a run,” Ken Jennings reshared the post with his tweet. “Meet Ryan!”

The Greatest of All Time wants Jeopardy! fans to get acquainted with Ryan. He’s also impressed with his play and can’t wait to see how it turns out. Fans associate Ryan with his humble personality and wholesome stories. Yet, it’s not enough for them to tune in and watch.

Jeopardy! viewers refuse to watch

Jeopardy! fans took to Jennings’ to react to his post. Most admitted they haven’t watched the latest episodes. They boycotted the show until Bialik leaves and Jennings returns. But he may not return until July.

  • “Come back, we miss you.”
  • “I would but you’re not hosting.”
  • “Not watching until you’re hosting Jeopardy again. But I agree that he is a humble and amazing person!”
  • “Ryan is so great, but you are so missed. Come back soon.”
  • “I like Ryan, but I miss you hosting.”
  • “The only thing I’m missing is you, Ken!”

What are your thoughts? Are you surprised that Jeopardy! viewers are boycotting the show? Have you been watching Ryan Long? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Ryan Long play. I make sure I’m free to watch him. As for the hosts. I enjoy them both. I wouldn’t boycott the show due to the host.

    1. I agree Diana! I watch Jeopardy! because I love the game. No one will ever replace Alex Trebek, so why do people get upset because they want a specific host? I pray the producers keep Mayim because she’s a great host as is Ken. I like them both just fine. However, I wouldn’t boycott the show because I may be dissatisfied with a host. IMO, that’s just childish. 🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. I agree. I’m really enjoying Ryan Long on Jeopardy. As for the host, I love Mayim and hope she ends up being the permanent host. I’m not a Ken Jennings fan. I didn’t like him on The Chase either. He comes across as a jerk and seems so fake. I wish he’d somehow go back to the life he had as a Jeopardy winner and and leave it at that. I don’t watch the show when he’s on because I can’t stand to hear his annoying voice. Ken, please don’t come back!!!

        1. I am watching to hear the questions and play along , but I definitely miss Ken. Mayim really gets on my last nerve . It’s bad enough listening to her but not can not watch how she stands up there and twitches around and holds onto the podium like she’s a preacher. Can’t wait until Ken returns. Or I might start boycotting the show

          1. I totally agree with you Wanda! I miss Ken. I can not stand Mayim at all. And btw, who dresses her?????
            I love Ryan Long and Jeopardy. Just not Mayim.

    2. I prefer To watch Mayim instead of Ken. Ken is trying too hard to be Alex, Mayim is just being herself. Besides Ken doesn’t want the job. Anew host will take over next season,and Mayim will host the Championship games.

      1. I have not heard that Ken doesn’t want the hosting job. He is a consulting producer, Alex wanted him to stay connected to the show, as far as I read.

    3. Good riddance to folks who keep saying won’t watch until Jennings is back. Alex would not approve. Jennings is a narcissist and that is not what Jeopardy is about. And Mayim is by far the better host.

  2. I don’t know why Jeopardy! fans are boycotting the show because Mayim Bialik is hosting, truly mind boggling. Personally I like Mayim. I almost feel that the producers of the show have caused the issues by not choosing one full-time host, and have basically set Mayim up for failure by seemingly pitting her against the Jeopardy! legend. But whatever, to each their own.

    As far as the current champion, Ryan Long, he is a very good player who doesn’t get rattled. He is very soft-spoken, seems to be a nice guy and is very humble concerning his knowledge and winning streak. Those boycotting the show are missing out on witnessing an impressive winning performance.

    1. I prefer Mayim to Jennings but I watch the show mainly to see the contestants and not the hosts.

      1. exactly. Yes, we have to listen to the hosts, they talk ALL THE TIME, so I can see how one might be harder on someone’s ears than another, but I’m OK with either host.

  3. Can’t stand to watch Bialik. Very condescending,no personality, Can only react to a printed script, Not easy to watch.

    1. Well said Wanda mitcham. I will not watch Jeopardy with Bialik as host. She makes the show all about her; the show is all about the contestants. If and when Ken Jennings is the host again, I will watch. I miss Jeopardy, but absolutely can not stand to watch Bialik.

      1. You are all being ridiculous.

        Both hosts have excellent resumes. Stop being petty. It shows immaturity.

        It’s about the contestants! And Ryan Long deserves our kudos.

        Grow up. It’s a game show.

        1. I agree. It’s a game show. I watch it to see the contestants. It’s a Great show–It does not matter who is hosting It. ❤❤❤

    2. What is with you people? Both hosts do s good job. Totally enjoy washing them both but I think it’s kind of stupid to be sure watching a show on some idiotic ideas you have

    3. Are you watching the show for the host or the actual game? I’m watching the game and don’t care who hosts. Bc in all reality Alex read a script too and so does Jennings.

  4. I’ll never boycott Jeopardy! IMO you’re not a real fan of any show you boycott! It’s really the only show I can’t miss!

    I enjoy both Ken and Mayim and think she does not deserve to be so picked on, almost bullied by supposed “fans”.

    Ryan Long is awesome and I hope he continues his run, I’ve enjoyed all the long-timers this season! Go Ryan!

  5. Fans of Jeopardy are boycotting because Ken Jennings isn’t hosting?!?!
    Those fans are missing out on a fabulous run by a pretty amazing guy.

    1. Personally, I am enjoying watching Ryan play. His story has a feel-good element to it & I couldn’t be happier for him. I’ve watched Jeopardy for many decades; who’s hosting isn’t a reason to stop IMHO.

    2. I think if you boycott the show because you don’t adore the host, you aren’t a real Jeopardy fan. A TRUE fan would watch and support the amazing contestants.

      The show is about good game play, strategy, interesting trivia and the contestants! While I too have a favorite host, I wouldn’t stop watching if they weren’t on!

      What would Alex say?? Probably ‘get over it and support the players’!!!

      1. I have watched when I am able and enjoy that young man Ryan. He seems humble, attentive and very well read!! I wish him well!

  6. Give Mayim a break! She is doing an excellent job IMO. I enjoy Ken also but the accusation of “arrogance” against Bialik could just as well apply to Jennings. The whole “boycott Mayim” think smacks of a male-superiority attitude. I would be content to watch both of them on an alternating basis from now on.

    1. I disagree about “male superiority” comment. I really wanted to enjoy Mayim. I am a woman and like to empower women to be successful. Having a doctorate in neuroscience proves her brilliance but not her ability to host. I find it disconcerting that she is often a step or 2 behind in validating the answer as correct. I’ll watch her but I’m not thrilled with her hosting prowess.

      1. Yes, why is there often a delay for her to say an answer is correct? I wonder if she is waiting for someone to signal her the answer is correct. I don’t notice any delay with Ken.

    1. It’s the same game no matter who hosts. Try watching for the game and not who gets paid to read.

  7. Not watching until this “host” is gone. She loves to pat herself on the back. Never liked her back when she was Blossom. Overacts in everything she does. At least Ken actually sounds interested when he interacts with the contestants. Just stating my opinion.

  8. Ken Jennings deserves to be the permanent host of Jeopardy! no if’s and’s or butts about it! Sony needs to get with it! Ken Jennings has years of history with the show and deserves to continue. Who does Mayim think she is to take all of Jeopardy! for herself? She has no history with the show, she has no history with Alex Trebek, she already has partial hosting duties with the show and that should be enough for her. Why is she trying to get rid of Ken Jennings?

    I think her voice is annoying, I think her attitude is annoying, and I think all of her communications sound fake. But most importantly I do not think she deserves to have the whole show to herself. She certainly needs to learn how to share…especially with Ken Jennings! This whole fiasco with her is unbelievable!

    1. Where do you get your information? What is this silly conspiracy theory that Mayim is trying to steal the show from Ken?? There simply doesn’t need to be so much drama and finger pointing.

      She doesn’t get the final say….Sony does!

  9. Yes, I much prefer Ken Jennings as Jeopardy host (!) — full time if possible, and half time if necessary. But I would not skip watching Jeopardy just because Ken is not currently hosting and Mayim is, (I do find her inconsistencies annoying, but much of life is annoying – that’s reality). I’m 81 years old and have been watching Jeopardy literally for decades — I love it! Congratulations to Ryan Long! At first he was a bit low key, but he is really smart and I’ve grown to deeply appreciate him -and hope he continues winning! My Thanks to ALL who help to make Jeopardy possible, and My Thanks to all the contestants who are brave enough to give it a try! May Jeopardy “Live Long and Prosper!” (Paul in Kansas)

  10. You aren’t truly a Jeopardy! fan if you’re boycotting the show because you can’t have the host you want. That’s bullying in juvenile form. Grow up people. smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  11. I don’t care who is hosting, who is reigning champion, or any other nonsense. I never miss an episode of Jeopardy. Even when it gets pre-empted by UEFA soccer, weather alerts, or etc… I set my DVR to record the episode when it re-airs at 1:27 AM. I have always loved Mayim Bialik and I think that she is a great host. Jeopardy is the only game show that I watch.

  12. I love Jeopardy no matter who’s hosting or playing. I have been a Jeopardy fan for years and it’s the game that challenges me. I rate it best game show on TV. Ryan is so deserving and I pray that he keep winning to the end. Go Mayim! You go girl!

  13. Big fan of Ryan. Not so much Mayim (comes off Fake). But we love the show, no matter.
    Look forward to Ken taking over.

  14. I always thought the show was about the game and contestants. I’ve been amazed at how pitiful some fans of the show have been about the Hosting. I think both hosts have been great. No not another Alex but that’s not possible

  15. I have very much enjoyed watching, soft spoken, knowledgeable Ryan. May his winning streak continue.

  16. I enjoy watching Ryan win. He is a great player and really humble. I would love to see Ken Jennings as permanent host. I did not like Mayim but she is growing on me. Still, she is a bit self absorbed. I did like her joke about the joint clue.

  17. Might “fans” be boycotting Ryan because of race? He’s much more enjoyable to watch than the walking automatron, Mattea Roachclip with her little programmed wave at exactly the same second of her introduction every night and her teeth that looked like she hadn’t seen a dentist for a cleaning in 20 years!

    1. She looked ridiculous with that Holstein nose-ring… and her constant left hand wave off made her as unwatchable as Bialik is.

    2. Did you read the article? It has nothing to do with the champion why people are boycotting. It’s who is hosting the show is why.

  18. Ryan has no advantage over any others. He’s soft spoken and seems to be more introverted than some of other “showman” champs. Not sure about Mayim. Seems a lot of errors made. Lots of the judges have reviewed and agree .. her fault or not I don’t know. Ken is definitely more personable.

    1. Do you understand how game shows work?
      Yes he has a very big advantage and alot of sites have reported what I’m about to say. Reason for the long winging streaks is multiple shoots a day. The record up to four shows a day. You keep winning and become more comfortable along with learning when to buzz in and when not too. This is why the long run champion always buzzes in before anyone else. There is a big advantage to having a long run.

  19. I love Jeopardy. The switch about of hosts has not bothered me. Both have made a place; one as an outstanding winner, the other a funny tv personality. I do think overall the subject matter is not as difficult. I can correctly respond to a few more than usual.

  20. Regardless of who is hosting, it’s a great show, and I like both Mayim and Ken. It seems childish to me to boycott the show.

  21. I like Ken and Mayim both do a good job. Just pick one and get on with the show. What I don’t like is Lamar Burton constantly crying that he should be the Host!!!!!

  22. I love Mayim Bialik as the host of Jeopardy. She has personality unlike Ken. Jeopardy fans want the Alex Trebek show. Not going to happen. He is dead. Nobody can do what Alex did. Suck it up Jeopardy fans.

  23. I cannot believe true Jeopardy fans are blasting the show due to the host. I personally prefer Mayim over Jennings, but I think they both do a great job. I think Alex Trebek would be sad to hear that fans are picking on Mayim just because she wears the same jacket twice. They also accused her of an off color joke. What is the world coming to? It is sad to hear people being critical about such ridiculous things. Lets get upset all real problems, like the Uvalde shooting and all of the other shootings. Please, lets be kinder to each other.

  24. i think Jennings and Maylim are doing a great job, i wish jeopardy wouldn’t let viewers know personal information about contestants!! it can turn viewers off ! who wants to know who has had a sex change or is gay/ lesiban , that can be excluded

    1. That’s apart of who they are. Every game show has people background and it will never change. You may be right but this is the U.S. everyone wants to be part of everyone’s life and can’t mind their own business. Me IDC what or who they are.

  25. Mayim is ok, but I prefer Ken Jennings. I enjoy the show and will continue to watch Jeopardy regardless of who is hosting. Ryan is impressive with his wide range of knowledge.

  26. What!!! Her or Ken Jennings are not the producers of the show. Neither one can boot the other off.

  27. Some Jeopardy! fans forget that Ken has two other game shows he’s contractually obligated to. He’s on hiatus to tape episodes of them, so it’s not because of some evil plot by Mayim to take over the Jeopardy! hosting duties.

  28. As a Philadelphian, I can’t wait to see Ryan play each day. I do prefer Ken but Mayim is OK.

  29. I am a fan regardless of who’s hosting. Jeopardy supposedly fans are so stupid. How could you not like a person because they are humble? Please be the first residence to go and inhabitant Mars. Earth will be so much better without you.

  30. My husband and I have enjoyed watching Ryan. He is a wonderful player and he is someone we can relate to. We do miss Ken Jennings. Hope he is back soon.

  31. Why are some people here being so unkind? My wife and I are rooting for Ryan. He has had serious financial problems. Winning this money will change his life. He is our hero. We are enjoying him more than any other long term player.

  32. I have never not watched the program before, but I feel this is my way of letting the powers that make the decisions know how I feel. I really wish they would announce Ken as the host right now. Delaying this decision is only creating division and losing long time viewers.

  33. I love Ryan. He is really smart but humble. Both Mayim and Ken are good hosts but I prefer Mayim because she has more personality.

  34. Ryan is a great champion and I can’t wait to see how he does in the tournament of champions.I still can’t figure out why a TV sitcom actor(not a very good one)is playing the part of Jeopardy host. Please save Jeopardy and make Ken the full time host!

  35. Why are people so mean??? Two people who work hard should be celebrated not criticized. I like both the hosts and I believe that variety is the spice of life.What is so wrong to have them share??? Nobody can replace Alex. They are both so excited about the show and with so much negativity in the world we should try to be positive. And go Ryan! He is fun to watch!

  36. With so much sadness and hate going on who cares about some stupid game show. It never ceases to amaze me. America is a shallow lovers of self and stupid things that at the end of the day don’t amount to a hill of beans. With gas and food and rent prices out of control and greed and love of money and self the only things on people minds. For once I would like something profound and something of substance that this country could stand for. We are in trouble and sadly we don’t have a clue. Unity is destroyed and God has turn his back on us as a nation. Shame on all of you.

  37. I enjoy watching Ryan, although I don’t care for Mayim’s hosting. I liked her in The Big Bang Theory but her personality is too much as the host of Jeopardy. I think Ken’s personality is much more suited. And I totally disagree with the comments that he is pompous. I find him to be humble.

  38. I prefer Mayim to Ken who constantly reminds us how fantastic a player he was…but I watch for the contestants. I love Ryan and his easy-going personality.

  39. I stopped carrying tv channels because all I watched was jeopardy, and they kept raising the monthly cost. I liked it when they got a new guest ‘Alex’ every two weeks. Ryan’s highlights show up every so often on my news feed. He’s not very dynamic, but it’s just a tv quiz game. Rock on Ryan

  40. I love watching Ryan! He deserves every penny he’s earning. He’s not running all over the other players like most super champs do and I love a good competition versus a runaway. Go Ryan! As far as hosts I think Myam is great even though I can’t spell her name. The host is just a host, it’s the players that make the show good.

  41. I like the show. I like Mayim better than Ken but don’t care who host the show is. I like Ryan but will watch the show after he is gone .I just like the show

  42. Please, please, please get rid of Mayim Bialik!!!! She is a horrible host! Almost every comment she makes is accompanied by shoulder turns, chest projections, head tilts and rotations and over-the-top voice intonations. Clearly, she thinks it’s a performance, and it’s all about her. It’s also irritating that she takes 2-3 seconds to confirm a contestant’s response. Why? I’m thinking that she has to wait for confirmation in her earpiece before she can say correct or not – something Ken Jennings probably doesn’t have to do because he already knows the answers, and she doesn’t have clue. How in the hell did she ever get offered that position? She had nothing to do with Jeopardy except being a contestant one time. The show is being ruined, and I will stop watching (after 20+ years) if she becomes permanent host.

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