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Chelsea Houska Gets Torn To Bits Over Fake Hair & Melting Face?

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A recent series of photos Chelsea Houska posted to Instagram has her followers speculating over whether or not her hair is real. While plenty of fans rushed to show their support for Chelsea, others pointed out her hairline and melting face. Keep reading to see what they were talking about.

Chelsea Houska Shares Shopping Haul

On Sunday, Chelsea went shopping and decided to share the haul with her Instagram followers. She captioned the post, “Sundays are for shopping ✨Linking everything in my stories!” Each photo showed Chelsea taking a full-length mirror selfie in her newest threads.

The shopping haul included a wide variety of fashion items. There were ripped sweatshirts, athletic wear, and distressed and ripped jeans all featured in her shopping haul post. Some looks gave off cowgirl vibes while others looked business casual.

Chelsea Houska - Instagram/Chelsea DeBoer

Credit: Instagram/Chelsea DeBoer

Her fans started commenting right away. “Love all your outfits, love your style ….just wish I could fit into them,” one person said. A few followers asked where specific items were from, some complimented her cow print phone case, and others just dropped love for Chelsea Houska.

As with most reality television stars, however, there are always a few haters in the crowd. Not everyone had nice things to say about Chelsea’s looks. In fact, some people are wondering what happened to her face and a few followers want her to retire her wig.

Fans To Chelsea: ‘That Wig Is Tired’

One Reddit user, in particular, screenshotted Chelsea’s shopping haul post and shared it on a popular Teen Mom subreddit. They shared the zoomed-in screengrab with the caption, “Honey, that wig is TIRED.” Others were quick to hop on the bandwagon to drag her looks.

Chelsea Houska - Reddit

Credit: Reddit

“Wish version of Alanis Morrisette,” one person commented. Some jumped in to debate whether it is a wig, partial topper, or weave. Separate threads on the subreddit discuss whether or not Chelsea has gotten work done, including veneers and fillers.

It has also been questioned as to whether or not the filters Chelsea uses on her face are altering the way she looks. If it is, it isn’t doing her any favors, as one person pointed out, “Is her skinny filter morphing her face? Serious question.” Some people believe she has just lost weight, while others believe she has had buccal fat removal. All of this is speculation though.

Of course, fans of Chelsea jumped in to try and defend her. One Redditor pointed out that she had a baby within the last 18 months and could be suffering from postpartum hair loss. Where her face is concerned, she could just be aging. There is no doubt she is no longer the teen mom everyone met more than a decade ago. Either way, most people are agreeing she could have at least done something with her hair.

Is Chelsea Houska letting her appearance slip or is she just bad at editing photos? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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