‘Unexpected’: Tiarra Boisseau Reveals Cast Salary?

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Unexpected star Tiarra Boisseau has never been one to censor herself. So when a follower asked her how much the cast makes, she did not shy away. The teen mother answered the question the best way possible and even revealed how much she pockets per episode.

Meeting Unexpected Mom Tiarra And Family

Tiarra was first introduced in Season 3 when her older sister Tyra was pregnant. Interestingly enough, Tiarra had just welcomed her first baby, little Ella, when she was only sixteen. Along with Tiarra and Tyra’s cousin Taylor, they were all super excited for another baby to arrive. The three had grown up together, all close in age so they hoped the same for their baby girls. Though Tyra’s birth was the focus of that season, Tiarra and Taylor also made for good television. By Season 5, Tiarra and Taylor became the focus as they were both expecting baby number two. They were also in a heated battle over a copycat nursery that included social media shenanigans.


Tiarra and her boyfriend, Dee announced they were expecting another girl in January 2021. She ended up having a C-section so her family headed to Maryland to support her for a short time. In July 2021, Ensley Joanne was born and joined big sister Ella. Though Tyra was not pregnant this season, she did learn that her baby daddy, Alex fathered another child. That became central to her storyline as the family struggled with his infidelity and she questioned if she could trust him. Tyra has been very open and honest about their situation, maybe too real so it is no surprise Tiarra holds nothing back.

How Much Is Teen Pregnancy Worth?

Recently, former cast member Myrka Cantu could not afford a prom dress. Fans wondered why she did not have any money left from the show. Just exactly how much do these girls bring home? They let cameras follow them through absolutely everything, including public scrutiny. So, what does something like that cost? Tiarra had the answer to that question. She said it boils down to how many seasons they have been on. Obviously, newbies will get paid differently than someone who has been on a handful of seasons. Secondly, it depends on what the cast members ask of the show.


The show won’t just approve of anything though this part was a little confusing. It is questionable if she meant what the show asked of the girls or what the girls asked of the show. Either way, that is a factor. Finally, they get paid per episode that they are actually in. So it is not per season. As for Tiarra, she confirms she was paid a little over a thousand dollars per every episode she was in for Season 5. There were thirteen episodes plus the tell-all so it’s roughly ten grand for the season.

Is that enough or not enough for what these girls endure? Let us know and watch the Unexpected Tell-All Sunday on TLC.

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