‘MAFS’ Chris Collette’s New Girlfriend Is Not Who You Think

Chris Collette via YouTube 4

MAFS Season 14 will wrap up Wednesday night June 1 with a “Where Are They Now” special. It’s been quite some time since the couples made their decisions and then reunited to share their status. One couple never even had a chance. That would be Chris Collette and Alyssa Ellman. They divorced shortly after the honeymoon ended. Now, rumors are flying about who Chris and Alyssa are both dating. The shocker is that who’s dating Chris may not be who it seems. Keep reading to find out more.

MAFS Chris Collette is dating but maybe not who everyone thinks

On Wednesday night everyone will have answers to who is together and who is not. Rumors have been flying that Chris Collette is dating a former MAFS contestant. The previews for the upcoming special show two former contestants appearing on the show which sparked dating rumors.

Fans have been convinced that Chris is dating Season 11 New Orleans bride Olivia Cornu. Now, that’s being questioned. A fan asked MAFSfan on Instagram if the two are still dating. She gave a spoiler alert and then revealed that no Chris is not dating Olivia. Whether he was ever dating her or not will be revealed on Wednesday hopefully.

But, Chris did say he is not single anymore. So, who is he dating? MAFSfan shared some photos on Instagram that indicate who it is Chris might be dating.

It seems Chris was at the Electric Daisy Carnival or EDC. There was a pic of him with a girl named Caitlin. He was kissing her cheek in one of the photos. In another photo, she was on his shoulders. The two definitely appear to be more than friends.

So, although many were wanting to see Chris with Olivia, it looks like that isn’t happening.

Not much is known about his rumored new lady either. Perhaps Chris will fill everyone in once the special airs on June 1.

Chris and Alyssa

Chris Collette and Alyssa Ellman were doomed from their wedding night. Alyssa didn’t want to give Chris a chance at all. She did everything in her power to stay completely away from him.

Ultimately they divorced weeks before decision day.

Rumors have been flying about Chris, but they’ve also been flying about Alyssa.

It seems fans of MAFS are speculating that Alyssa is dating Ryan Ignasiak. He too will appear on this week’s special.

Alyssa and Ryan MAFS via YouTube
Alyssa and Ryan MAFS

What do you think about Chris not dating Olivia anymore if he ever even was?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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