‘1000-Lb. Best Friends’: Vannessa Cross As Fans Have Never Seen Her

1000-Lb. Best Friends from TLC

At the end of 1000-Lb. Best Friends Season 1, viewers witnessed Vannessa Cross undergo a dramatic transformation. She finally got serious about her weight loss goals and qualified for bariatric surgery.

Since then, Vannessa hasn’t posted many full-body shots on social media. But fans did notice that she has a very positive attitude and seems really happy. Is it possible that the surgery worked and the changes lasted?

Keep reading to learn more about Vannessa’s latest social media post that has fans buzzing.

1000-Lb. Best Friends star Vannessa Cross blows fans away with her new selfies

Fans that follow TLC shows like My 600-Lb. Life, 1000-Lb. Sisters, and 1000-Lb. Best Friends know that bariatric surgery doesn’t always work. Patients need to be willing to commit to a total life transformation. And some just aren’t able to do that.

Vannessa Cross/TLC

So it was really satisfying when fans got to see Vannessa Cross earn her bariatric surgery. And it really seems like the lifestyle changes stuck. Vannessa still hasn’t uploaded any full-body shots. But she did upload some selfies that are pretty remarkable.

In her most recent Instagram post, her face looks much thinner than it did before. And as always, the 1000-Lb. Best Friends star is all smiles. Vannessa didn’t post a caption, but she did tag her TLC costars.

Vannessa Cross/Instagram
“Hey boo! Lookin good! 😘😘😘” her fellow 1000-Lb. Best Friends star Ashely wrote back. 
“You look absolutely amazing 👏👏❤️” a fan wrote to Vannessa. 

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Vannessa Cross admits to feeling much better these days

Bariatric patients that see excellent results after their surgery are generally pretty happy with their progress. After all, extreme weight loss takes a lot of dedication and hard work. So it’s not really a surprise that Vannessa Cross is eager to talk about the benefits.

“HOW DO I LOOK? IM FEELING AWEDOME [sic],” Vannessa posted in a previous Instagram post. Fans couldn’t help but notice just how much happier she looked now that she’s making healthier lifestyle choices.

Fans are dying to see a full-body transformation shot from Vannessa Cross. However, she’s keeping those to herself right now. But there could be a hidden reason for that.

TLC never officially renewed 1000-Lb. Best Friends for a second season. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t secretly filming it. If they are, Vannessa’s secrecy makes sense. TLC probably asked her to sign an NDA so they can do a huge reveal on the show.

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