‘Unexpected’: Myrka Cantu Misses Out On Major Life Event


Former Unexpected star Myrka Cantu has had a lot going on recently. Her baby daddy Ethan Ybarra got another girl pregnant. Both Myrka and her mother Liliana have inserted themselves into that situation. She also did not think she would be able to attend her prom. Now she has another major life event she was truly looking forward to that it appears she won’t be a part of.

Myrka’s Unexpected Messed Up Life

When Myrka got pregnant at fifteen, she was unsure of what to do. Then, to make matters worse, her mother threw her out of the house. It was all documented on Season 4 of the hit reality series. She ultimately ended up moving in with her boyfriend and his family. They both were able to navigate the situation together. Yes, Liliana did come around after Myrka gave birth to Attalie but it did not go over very well. In a twist, Ethan’s parents split up so the couple needed to find new housing arrangements with their baby. Ultimately, they also broke up but Myrka claimed Ethan was not holding up his end of the bargain.


She reconciled with her mother but she could not get through to her baby daddy. It did get volatile at times and she claimed he did not pay his way. He alleged she lived too far away and that he did not have a car but was working very hard. Recently, it was revealed that he got another girl pregnant. She’s allegedly twenty-three and Liliana had no problem coming at her. Myrka chimed in, as well but she was also dealing with her own high school issues.

Missing Out

Clearly, Myrka missed out on being a typical high schooler as she was a teen mother. However, she has still tried to do the best she could with what she had. Earlier this month, she shared in her Instagram story that she could not afford to go to her prom. She claimed she did not have the money to buy a dress and said it was just another thing she was not able to do as a senior. Fans were frustrated with her as being a parent means sacrificing a lot. More so, they offered a bevy of affordable solutions that would and should allow the single mother to go. In the end, she shared that she did attend her prom.


Now, Myrka has posted another missed life event. Apparently, she was supposed to walk at her graduation but that did not happen. She is seen in her stories giving the middle finger but no further details are offered. Myrka does not explain why she could not walk, whether the graduation was put on hold or if it legitimately had to do with her. Hopefully, it will all work out for her in the end.

Are you shocked she could not graduate with her class? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC. 

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